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Iran pioneers skin and eye bio-implants

10/17/10 Source: Tabnak, Tehran

The U.S. is the only other country to have the know-how.

The world's first center for mass production of eye and skin bio-implants was officially inaugurated in Iran on Saturday.

Iran is the first country to undertake the mass production of eye bio-implants while the U.S. is the only other country to have the know-how to produce this material, the Mehr News Agency reported. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended the inauguration ceremony in an industrial estate in the central city of Qom.

Bio-implants are medical material made of cells with a biological base compatible with body cells.

Skin bio-implants are used for treating burns and various kinds of sores caused by disease and surgery on the body.

Eye bio-implants are used to treat cornea sores and chemical damage to the eye and mass production of them would have major advantages including no need for anesthesia during surgery and having no more local bleeding or other side effects during the treatment period of chronic ophthalmic diseases.

Two years ago, bone bio-implants were mass produced in Kish, Iran and a few months ago Iranians started the mass productions of heart, artery, and tendon bio-implants.

Iran's success in breaking the US monopoly will help it market the products at much lower rates. The country will also be able to satisfy its domestic need.

Iran says the US monopoly on this technology is the main reason for high prices of bio-implant products in the global markets.

There are 45 different variations of bio-implants produced throughout the world, IRIB reported.

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