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Iran to implement 10 satellite projects with APSCO members

10/20/10 Source: ISNA, Tehran

Asia and Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) Director General for Foreign and Legal Affairs Ahmad Talebzadeh said on Tuesday the country is to implement 10 satellite projects with member states of the organization.

"The organization has defined 10 projects on designing, building and launching light satellites, middle class satellites weighing 500-600 kg, research satellites, remote-sensing and telecommunications satellites," Talebzadeh told ISNA

"The organization officially started to work in early 2010, but Asian countries found necessity of establishment of the organization in late 2008 when they prepared its articles of association."

It mainly aims at entering into the domains of technology and space studies which follows the same goals pursued by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Secretary General of the organization is elected every five years.

The organization's member states involve China, Iran, Pakistan, Mongolia, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Peru.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Syria, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Chile have for membership in the group.

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