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Iran: Azad University's Secularist professors fired

10/20/10 Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

A top official of the Islamic Azad University has announced that several secularist professors of the university have been identified and removed.

Protests at Azad University in Qazvin in December 2009. Banner says: "University Is Alive"
Azad Universities are a stronghold of the opposition movement

"We had received some reports about these faculty members and advised them against (this approach), but they did not change their behavior and removed them," Karim Zare, the representative of the Islamic Azad University in the Majlis, told the Mehr News Agency on Wednesday.

The official emphasized that the university will increase its control over the performance of professors to make sure they don't deviate from the right path.

He also called on students not to accept the views of the professors who promote secularism in classes.

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