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Violin virtuoso Homayun Khorram returns to stage


TEHRAN, Oct.26 (Mehr News Agency) -Aafter a ten-year hiatus, violin virtuoso Homayun Khorram will give performances at the Milad Tower on December 2 and 3. Khorram who has composed reminiscent pieces like "To Ey Pari Kojaee?", "Emshab Dar Sar Shuri Daram" and "Rosvaye Zamaneh Manam" plans to perform a concert with vocalist Alireza Qorbani in the near future.

He told the Persian service of the Fars News Agency that his fans, friends and his students asked him to hold a concert, so he finally agreed to their wishes.

"Accompanied by professional vocalists and virtuosos, we will perform pieces that I composed myself and that are beloved by people. I will be playing the violin during these performances," he said.

He went on to say that the names of musicians and vocalists would be announced after they are decided upon and that he is currently making arrangements for the performances.

Emshab Dar Sar - Mohamed Esfehani
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