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Iranian Auto-Makers in Iran Nano Festival


Source: NANO.IR

TEHRAN (INIC)- Several Iranian auto-manufacturing companies and producers of the raw materials for vehicles have notably presented their products in Hall 10 of the International 'Iran Nano Festival 2010' in Tehran.

The participation of the Iranian companies with products such as saloon car (Soren by Iran Khodro) or the minibus that has been modified by nanotechnology is very interesting and conspicuous.


In Soren, the boosting of heating and solidity features plus increasing the vehicle's fuel consumption by utilizing nanotechnology can be noticed.

The other parts of the vehicle where nanotechnology has been used are as follows:

o Headlamps
o Hubcaps and dashboard parts
o Reduction in the weight of the vehicle parts
o The vehicle's catalytic convertor and its filter;
o The vehicle's paint
o The windscreen coated with hydrophobic scratch-resistant coating

In addition, Khodrosaz Bahman Dizel Company introduced a minibus modified by nanotechnology.

The followings are among the features of this vehicle which is put on display in the Vehicle Section of the Third Iran Nano Festival:

o Reduction of solar heat up to 70%
o Reduction of heating and cooling costs up to 40 %
o Non-toxicity and environment friendly
o Absorption of ultraviolet ray up to 60%
o Bodywork insulation, air filter cover, and anti-bacterial

The other features of the nano-minibus include stain-resistant, odor-resistant, anti-bacterial, and UV-absorbent seat covers, purification of the air inside the minibus, absorption of odor and smoke, increasing oxygen and purifying the air in the interior from bacteria, fungi, and stench.

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