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Motorcycles Account for 30% of Air Pollution in Tehran


Source: Tehran Municipality

Managing director of the central headquarters in charge of technical tests of cars announced that motorcycles conforming to Euro 2 standards consume two times higher fuel than current standards and cause 25-30 percent of air pollution in Tehran.

Tehran SAMA quoted Norouzi as saying that domestically manufactured motorcycles conform to Euro 2 standard and they don't even use catalyst transducers while the world has now considered Euro 5 standard for motorcycles. Therefore, their fuel supply system is not smart and fuel management is not optimal. "At present, there are about 7 million motorcycles in the country all lacking catalysts transducers and there are only 17 compulsory standards for domestic motorcycles," he added.

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The official noted that 1,500 motorcycles receive number plate each day and city managers expect them to conform to pollution standards. "They account for 50 percent of sound pollution in Tehran and 40-45 percent of accidents. Therefore, we have on choice but to streamline our motorcycle industry which does not need hefty investment," he concluded.

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