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10 Questions for Reza Pahlavi

Source: Reza Pahlavi

Question 1)

"What are your thoughts regarding a 24 hours worldwide Iranian satellite TV and Radio broadcasting information and command center for all Iranian people and all the people around the world to communicate and unite until victory? Communication is the key for success in any planning."
George B, USA

Reza Pahlavi: Dear George, Thank you for your question. I agree with your comments. The quest for freedom and democracy requires a communication vehicle both internally and with the outside world and such communication must be controlled by Iranians themselves and not influenced by any foreign government and by definition by their policies. The need is defined and urgent; however as everything else in this struggle it requires funding, and for this we must work hand in hand to realize an editorially independent communication infrastructure for Iran's resistance movement.

Reza Pahlavi

Question 2)

"Ba Dorood! Iranian people have tried so many times to get rid of this regime. The main failure has always been lack of the "LEADERSHIP". What are the strategies to build the required leadership and to obtain peoples' trust? Paydar Iran! Long live King!"
Mehr Iran, Australia

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Mehr Iran, Thank you for your kind comments. You are absolutely right. One of the key elements in our quest for freedom and democracy is leadership.

The essence of leadership is to first understand that everyone can and should be a leader for change, from the Villages of Kurdistan to the streets of Tehran, From Azerbaijan to Balouchestan. Leadership tasks must be divided amongst ourselves.

For my part, I have devoted the past thirty years to inform the world in order to better understand the essence and consequences of this regime and expressed the importance for foreign governments to reach out for the open hands of the Iranian people and not the hostile fist of this regime.

Today given what is going on, In light of recent events in our beloved country I have taken the following additional steps:

I have founded two non-profit organizations, Iran Democratic Union (IDU) in the United States and Association pour le Rassemblement et la Democratie en Iran (ARDI) in Europe.

I have kept in constant touch with the green movement at various levels since emergence, from the young Iranians inside Iran - today's and tomorrow's leaders of Iran - to those who have been forced to seek refuge in foreign nations.

I have also ensured that our issues at all levels are in front of the world's eyes. Most importantly, I have repeatedly stressed how any foreign military intervention would be counter productive and must be avoided. Instead, I have urged foreign governments and their respective citizens to support the people of Iran in their quest for freedom.

In addition to what I am doing in this quest, I ask you to take personal responsibility and do your part in your area of expertise and sphere of influence. The cleric regime may try but can not stop the masses from uniting. Whether inside or outside Iran I call upon my compatriots to work together in the sprit of cooperation and consensus.

I will work hand in hand with you to help build a secular democratic government, restore equal rights for women and put an end to the obscene violation of human rights by the this vile regime.


Question 3)

"We all want to go home, there are about five million of us, highly educated; plus 95% of all nations want to get rid of these mollas. You are at the capacity who can pull all these resources together. Have you established a panel to implement an action plan?
Sammad Agha, Washington DC

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Sammad, My essence of my strategy has been the same for thirty years: to unseat the regime through non-violent resistance, implementing strategies and tactics of civil disobedience. Today more than ever it is a matter of urgency to unite all of our resources and intellect in support of the just aspirations of the people of Iran.

For my part, I have diverse panels of advisors, experts and learned patriots who are ready, willing and able to carry out the will of the people. Parallel to any political structure, I have founded two non-profit organizations with the specific purpose of supporting various pro-democracy and human rights initiatives. In Europe the organization is called "Association pour le Rassemblement et la Democratie en Iran" (ARDI) and in the Americas the organization is called "Iran Democratic Union" (IDU - at, Kindly note that the ARDI website is currently development, for more information please visit I urge you to join and/or support ARDI or IDU and find ways to donate your time, energy or money to help move our cause forward.


Question 4)

"How we can use our collective intellectual power, Internet, and your leadership to unite nearly 4 million Iranians abroad as NGOs and various fractions to stand together? Nahademardomi already started the process. Your thoughts and support?"
Farahmand, Pennsylvania

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Farahmand, I support in principle all movements, tools and mechanisms that work towards our common cause. I am pleased to see my compatriots using the internet and other technologies to find new ways of collaborating to fight this regime. The Green Movement was the first political movement in the world to use the Internet to organize protests and communicate with the outside world and with one another. We must continue developing and utilizing technologies that will enable us to unite and organize movements.


Question 5)

"Your Majesty to change Iran in a peaceful way and to prevent a bloodbath we also need the military to support and protect the people and the territorial integrity of Iran. How can we unite our military with each other and with the people? C U In Iran"
Farhad, Belgium

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Farhad, I like your question very much as it brings up an element critical to the success of our movement. A campaign of non-violent resistance will have much better chance of success by having the tacit complicity and cooperation of the coercive forces of the country: most importantly the Armed Forces, revolutionary guards, and even the basij.

We win over our brothers and sisters in arms by telling them that they can survive the change of this regime. This regime paints us, the secular democratic opposition (or in their eyes anti-revolutionaries) as unforgiving and vengeful to these individuals. It is therefore important for us to communicate to our brothers in the armed forces that society will welcome them back should they stand with the people and not the regime, and therefore have their place in a free and democratic Iran.

Let us all remember that it is this regime that is keeping our armed forces hostage as well as the people. Let it also know that we shall be forgiving and we shall have amnesty.

However, it is not enough for me to speak of forgiveness as a leader. Every freedom and piece loving must be a part of the reconciliation process. Moreover, we must not ever resort to violence. Violence on our part will only make our fellow countrymen hesitant to join us and will result in an endless cycle of violence and retribution.

I believe that it this very regime that as a result of its adventuresome is irresponsibly endangering the integrity and sovereignty of Iran, which our armed forces have protected for many years. Therefore I call upon all members of armed forces to carry out their historical and moral duty, to protect the nation and the people and not the regime.


Question 6)

"Your Majesty, we need media &voice in Iran and an official party which actively promote your concepts & ideas. The west would not let this regime fall unless a government is formed for replacement. What has been done about that? Iran never dies"
Azar, UK

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Azar, I completely agree that we need a variety of objective sources of news on the Internet, radio and television for Iranians within Iran. As I mentioned in my reply to question 1, the main obstacle at this point is sufficient resources. We can only overcome our obstacles with your support in every way; can only help us achieve our goal.

With regards to the second part of your question, I do not believe that one group or party can entirely represent the alternative to the current regime, because our political family is too diverse to be represented by one ideology or party. Instead, we must gather under roof, albeit with diverse ideologies and coordinate our efforts towards a national goal: A secular democratic regime. It is certainly not about who goes under what party banner but it is the aspiration of all that must be represented at a level beyond any party or ideological differentiations.


Question 7)

"When will we receive the sign from you? We have been waiting for many years for the moment and we are ready to follow you into a new and free Iran. We are with you all the way."
Faithful, UK

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Faithful, The millions of people uniting in the streets of Iran's cities to protest last year's election results was the sign that the world needed to see: Iranians are ready for fundamental change. For my part, I am:

> in regular contact with young leaders of the Green movement and working to coordinate pro-democracy activities and non-violent change;

> meeting regularly with decision makers, legislators and policy-makers to press action on the deplorable lack of human rights in Iran and to recommend how to best help Iranians;

> founded a European and an American non-profit organization (mentioned in question 3) to help better publicize the human rights conditions of Iranians, Iranian refugees and to support pro-democracy initiatives;

There is no sign you must wait for. Join in now. There are number of ways you can help:

> by helping IDU and/or ARDI (mentioned in question 3, above);

> write to your legislator no matter what country you live in to urge they support pro-democracy movements in Iran and to protest the human rights conditions of Iranians;

> collect food, clothing and money to support Iranian refugees currently living in Turkey, Iraq, Greece, France and other nations;

> write a letter to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees to urge action on Iranian refugees;

> support the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center ( the authoritative organization working to document the human rights abuses of this regime;

> continue to organize demonstrations to show your support of our cause and let the voice of the Iranian people be heard;

For every Neda and Sohrab who falls, 1000 of us must stand up: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Question 8)

"Hello Reza Pahlavi, I am contacting you from Iran. My question is regarding your activity level inside Iran. Please do forgive me for asking you this question as I love you and your beautiful ideas I hope that you can extend your activities to more universities."
Payam, Tehran

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Payam, Ba Sepaas. To the extent possible I will continue to expand and extend my communications with educational institutes. As you know there are restrictions in place which makes this difficult however we must strive to overcome these obstacles, therefore I also look for your input and participation to help us achieve better means of communication.


Question 9)

"Army and Pasdaran can play a big role in getting rid of this regime. Any plan to make them move and obtain their trust? Paydar Iran! Long live King!""
Mehr Iran, Australia

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Mehr Iran, As stated in the previous question about this (question number 5), the Army and Revolutionary Guards must know that if they wish to be loyal to the people - if they refuse to raise a hand against their brothers and sisters - they will have their place in the future Iran. As we witnessed last year, the people of Iran have demonstrated their open arms to their brothers in arms. We want the Army and the Revolutionary Guards to join us in this struggle -today, and not tomorrow. Each day we remain separated is another day the clerical regime retains power.


Question 10)

"Do you see a need to create a national party to include all Iranian regardless of their political ideology, religious belief & social class to resist & remove these backwards out of Iran, and if so, why don't you do so in a real sense. Baa Ehteraam"
Shahriar, Washington

Reza Pahlavi: Dear Shahriar, A democratic system is inherently pluralistic. Therefore a single party can never represent the aspirations of all of the people. We can should not but not under the umbrella of one party. Instead we should find consensus in one goal, which is to free Iran from the totally theocracy of today. History has taught us that conformity of ideology leads to disastrous results, whether that conformity is done in the name of a religion or a political ideology. I for one do not intend to repeat the mistakes of history.

We have a very complex and diverse society - culturally, ethnically, religiously and politically. In my vision, the Iran of tomorrow will have different parties, representative of our rich diversity and to have a secular system of government.


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