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Iran: Opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi hold meeting on the eve of Qods Day

Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Yesterday Mehdi Karroubi visited Mir Hossein Mousavi. In this meeting, which lasted two hours, various issues of the society and the country were discussed.  This included Iran's Green Movement, Economy, Corruption and Qods Day.

Mir Hossein Mousavi (left) with Mehdi Karroubi (file photo)

At the beginning of the meeting Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi offered their condolences for the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali to all Muslims, especially all Shi'as and also reminded of the importance of the Ghadr nights in the holy month of Ramadan. 

In this meeting, Mehdi Karroubi, while commiserating about the economic hardship and living condition of the people, stated that eliminating the experienced and expert forces on one hand and the government's lack of attention to the plans and long term goals on the other hand have resulted in the inability to use the country's rich resources in general and proper use of energy in particular. Mehdi Karroubi added that currently Qatar is very active in the shared gas field and is enjoying its benefits, while the Iranian government has not paid the least attention to this important topic to explore and use this field. He also added if the fourth Development Plan was correctly implemented, today we would be extracting more than 6 million barrels of oil daily while our extraction is now less than 3.5 million barrels a day. Mehdi Karroubi also expressed dissatisfaction of the status of the shared field between Iran and Iraq and said the Iraqi side despite a lot of problems including security issues has been able to finish its study phase during this time and prepare the requirements for work in that field but our officials without having regards for national interests and future of the country have not even initiated the relevant studies. Mehdi Karroubi reiterated what is not important for the government in all these are the Iranian people and their national interests.

In continuation of this meeting, Mir Hossein Mousavi pointed out the dynamics of the Green Movement among various sectors of the society and reiterated that the Green Movement of Iranian people has formed based on justice-seeking demands and in this movement different views and trends can be seen; in this movement promoting public awareness and removing ignorance plays an important role. Restoring basic and fundamental rights through peaceful movements is the common goal of all people who are present in this movement. While condemning the uncompromising policy of violence, illegal arrests, political sentences and ignoring the basic rights of the prisoners, Mir Hossein Mousavi emphasized on the fact that experience of the last year shows the failure of the policy of resorting to violence and blind arrests and creating a security and police atmosphere. Mir Hossein Mousavi also added that the elongation of the path of reform, although has imposed a heavy price on our society but discussing different issues and topics by individuals and legal entities has resulted in the maturity and livelihood of this movement and despite a very heavy security atmosphere has been able to include various layers of the society and become more influential in the society every day.

In continuation of the meeting and regarding the Qods Day, combating the culture of lies and the deplorable economic situation and livelihoods of the people, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi jointly emphasized on the followings:

Qods Day

The great Iranian nation and Imam Khomeini have always supported Muslims and oppressed nations particularly the Palestinian nation. Qods Day is the symbol of support of the free people for an oppressed nation who have been driven out from their homeland and during this period have suffered many hardships and pains. The oppressed nation of Palestine despite numerous United Nations resolutions because the occupying regime [of Israel] has not conceded to act based on them has not been able to regain its legitimate rights. Article 154 of the constitutions states that independence and freedom is the right of all the people of the world and while avoids interfering in internal affairs of other countries, supports the justice-seeking efforts of the oppressed people of Palestine. It is obvious that the situations that has been emerged from assault are not recognized and will not be recognized in today's world; as the General Assembly of the United Nations based on the fundamental principles of international laws repeatedly has announced that gaining territories by using force is not legitimate. Therefore by emphasizing on the right to "choose destiny" we support the justice-seeking struggles of the Palestinians and all the sincere efforts to reinstate and regain this nation's rights; and we believe that by preparing the suitable grounds and with the participation of all the people of Palestine including Muslims, Jews and Christians (with right of equal vote) and  in a healthy and fair process the fate of this ancient and historic land can be determined and the followers of divine religions can live peacefully together.

Fighting the culture of lie which is the key of all evil

In Islamic culture and teachings telling lies is "one of the greatest sins and is recognized as the key of all evil deeds". Imam Ali (Shi'a first Imam) had paid specific attention to the pest of lie and its destructive consequences and had stated "No appalling deed is as ugly as telling lies". One of the problems of the country is the institutionalization of telling lies and the reliance of officials on lies in various affairs including economy, management, statistics, political and religious issues. They have been so much caught up in telling lies that finding a true word from this administration is like finding a precious pearl. Regarding this issue the remarks made by the minister of intelligence about [Green Leaders] receiving billions of dollars from foreigners [to create chaos following the presidential elections], without presenting any proof and evidence, which of course he himself knows very well that is not true, is another insult to the spontaneous and reformist movement of the great and noble people of Iran. While condemning these illegal, immoral and against religion behaviors of these guys, who for the hollow comfort of this short life in material world and staying in power legitimize any evil deed, we demand that they publish their documents even the fake ones so that those who lie would be embarrassed,

Corruption and deplorable economic situation

The economic situation and livelihoods of the people, despite Iran being a rich land both in terms of materials and in terms of spirituality, are very disturbing. Unparalleled God-given resources in depth of the layers of the earth and also the educated human resources, are very valuable assets, which have not yet been utilized for various reasons including [the government's] hatred toward science, mismanagement, lack of recognition for rights and freedoms of people and lack of understanding and knowledge of international affairs in the direction of national interests and prosperity for the country. Despite the astronomical oil revenue, which is unprecedented in Iranian history, various classes of the people are today in very difficult conditions. Plans and national development projects are abandoned one after the other and in this chaos it is not clear how and where hundreds of billions of dollars of oil revenue have been spent. This is while the economic situation and livelihood of the people, the real owners of this country is worsening every day and the unemployment along with the government's corruptions and financial exploitations have sharply increased. While the noble people of Iran are struggling to meet basic and essential needs, tens of billions are spent from the public money for a show conference. The files of financial corruptions of the managers and officials are suddenly aborted before going through the judicial process so that those who make claims about confronting corruption continue to plunder the national resources without any concern. By militarizing of the economy and obtaining exclusive rights instead of  privatizing [the government-run businesses and industries], the presence and role of the people in the field of economy has been minimized and the country's private sector that has a small portion of the country's economy is about to collapse. Economic growth and development of the country based on social justice requires prerequisites such as change in the government's role from ownership and management to policy making and monitoring, as well as transferring affairs to the private sector in the light of healthy and transparent competition and increasing the competitiveness of the national economy.

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