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Hossein Karroubi: Attack was response of Supreme Leader to my mother's letter

Interview conducted by Mitra Shojai; Edited by Shahram Ahadi; English translation by Negar Irani

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Hossein Karroubi talked about the recent attacks on his father's residence. The residence of Mehdi Karroubi was under attack by Basiji forces the night before Qhods. According to Hossein Karroubi, bullets were fired at the water pipes and the entire house was filled with water.  The telephone lines in the entire building were also disconnected.

Deutsche Welle - Mr. Karroubi, it is currently approximately 12:30pm on Friday September 3rd. Is the area around your father's house now calm or is their still commotion?

These gentlemen arrived at around 8:30am this morning and proceeded to surround the house.  They completely surrounded the street from the north, south, east and west.  As we speak there are approximately 200 people gathered outside here and they have started breaking the only windows that remained unbroken.  They are breaking everything in site that remains undamaged as a result of them not being able to see in the dark last night.  They have left nothing untouched.

Deutsche Welle - Is it true that they burnt down the main entrance to the building?

Yes, they burnt down the door by pouring gasoline on it and setting it on fire.  The body guards did however, put the fire out immediately by pouring water on it.  They also cut off all the telephone lines this morning.  The land lines are no longer working. Last night we did not have water for around 4 hours. One of the shots fired, hit a water pipe. The entire house was filling with water and as a result we had to turn off the main water supply.  At 2:30am we finally had a specialist come over to repair the damaged water pipe. Currently we have both electricity and water!

It has been reported that special police forces intervened and dispersed the crowd. Is that true?

This report is from last night. At around mid night, the police forces finally arrived. They didn't really do much. When the police arrived however, the others left.  I suppose they were tired too. They had been chanting non stop from 9:30pm.  They were very active, became exhausted and finally left.  From 8:30am this morning, they have once again gathered with their buses outside our house.

It has been reported that the head of security for Mr. Karroubi was injured and transferred to the hospital. Can you tell us about his condition?

When they started firing guns towards the house, he went outside to ask them to stop shooting.  They did not listen. Instead they attacked him and beat him severely. He sustained heavy injuries to his eyes, head and ribs.  We even heard that while he was being beaten he was trampled and became unconscious.  The only news we have of him is that he was transferred to a hospital last night. We have no news today as no one can enter or leave the building.

Are the Basiji thugs or police forces still outside the house?

The only people here right now are the Basiji thugs. 

Did they shoot empty shells or real bullets?

They were real bullets.  They fired at least 10 - 15 shots at the elevator and walls.  We have taken a video of the damages and will post the video shortly.

A number of Mr. Karroubi's supporters have announced that they will be holding a silent protest tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 4th) in front of his house. Of course Mr. Karroubi has explicitly asked the people not to come. Would you like to speak to this issue on behalf of Mr. Karroubi?

I would like to repeat my father's message. He asked last night that I convey this on his behalf and request that no one gather here, because if anyone comes here they will undoubtedly be treated in a brutal manner. My father does not want to see any blood shed on his behalf.  The situation here is so dire that if anyone comes here they will face armed altercations.  These individuals are heavily armed. They used tear gas last night inside the complex.  They are capable of anything right now!

Your mother, Fatemeh Karroubi wrote an open letter to Ayatollah Khamenei regarding this manner. Has she received an answer to date?

The only response to my mother's letter is that they arrived last night and began destroying everything.  Their behavior last night was extreme and they once again arrived this morning.  This is the only response we have had to date to my mother's letter.

Mr. Karroubi, how are your neighbors behaving? What has been their response? Have they complained? Are they not planning to at least complain about these altercations?

We witnessed a number of neighbors complaining last night.  They also broke their windows.  They created fear and wreaked havoc amongst our neighbors.  After their windows were broken, no one dares to complain. They won't even leave their homes!

Except for the head of Mr. Karroubi's security did any of your family members or Mr. Karroubi himself face any difficulties?

No, thank God everyone is okay.  The daughter-in-laws, sons, Mr. Karroubi himself, my mother and the nieces and nephews, we are all together and doing well.

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