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Tehran hospital sacks nurses for 'improper Islamic covering'


Source: Tabnak, Tehran

Many nurses who worked in Imam Khomeini Hospital on a contract basis have been sacked recently on grounds that they did not properly observe Islamic code of dressing, the Persian service of Iran's Labor News Agency, ILNA, reported Wednesday.

Head of Iran's Nurse Home, Mohammad Sharifi-Moghadam, said "Despite the fact that the hospital's nurses office is very tough on them as far as their code of dressing or hijab is concerned, but the Supervisory Office of Tehran University Medical School, affiliated to the hospital, has cancelled the contracts of many nurses during last year and this year without any reason and under the pretext that they did not observe proper Islamic hijab."

Sharifi-Moghadam argued that the work condition of nurses is much more difficult than that of other professions. "When they are nursing patients, they may not be able to completely observe hijab," he said. However, he continued, "They generally observe hijab better than other hospital employees."

According to Sharifi-Moghadam, the sacked nurses were not even given a chance to work till end of the month.

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