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Iran: Reformist site annouces government involvment in attacks on Karroubi's home


Source: Radio Zamaneh

A recent report on reformist websites reveals that a number of government figures were identified amongst the attackers of Mehdi Karroubi's home.

Mahdi Karroubi

In the holy month of Ramadan, the home of Mehdi Karroubi, Iranian opposition leader, was attacked by plain clothes forces for five nights in a row. The attacks were condemned by opposition leaders and human rights activists.

The government however claims no responsibility in the attacks and attributed them to arbitrary forces.

Karroubi's house after attacks

Tagheer website reports that Mohammad Larijani, Governor of Shemiranat, was directly involved in the attacks.

Commander Ahmadi Moghaddam, chief of Islamic Republic security forces claimed 100 people involved in the attacks were identified and added: "But it is not so that the police arrests and confronts people in any gatherings."

Tagheer claims that numerous eyewitnesses have identified "government forces and figures" involved in the attacks.

They maintain that Mohammad Larijani was consistently in telephone contact with Morteza Tamaddon, Governor of Tehran, reporting the attacks.

They even add that the Governor was stationed not far from the scene of the attack and had the situation under surveillance.

The Islamic Republic government has stepped up pressure on the opposition leaders, Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi in the past weeks.


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Mehdi Karroubi's message for the beginning of new academic year: The University Is Always Alive

Greetings and respect to the dear students and professors;

At first I congratulate you for the beginning of the new academic year.

As Imam [Khomeini] had said, university is the source of all developments; and you, the dear students and children of the nation, are the great and productive recourses of these developments.

The heavy burden of achieving progress and prosperity with dignity, honor and independence of the country is on the shoulders of you, the dear students and scholars, who are the hopes of this proud nation.

It is from these very university seats that the managers of different political and executive levels of the country are trained and managing the affairs of the country will be handed to them.

Know that you owe this revolution and this nation that sacrificed many martyrs, and you should play your important and decisive roles in the path of achieving the high ideals of the revolution and goals of Imam [Khomeini] and martyrs, well.

The University is always alive and no one is capable of demolishing it to the ground.* These remarks are due to incompetence in the arena of modern management, and I hope that they have not offended our academic community. Scientific management is mixed with arts, which in the arena of academic management because of the presence of youth, demands its own delicacies.

The demands of the students must not be left unanswered and allowed to accumulate. The political environment of the universities must be such that the students would be able to express their demands freely in panels and by holding meetings.

My dear ones, the year that passed, was a hard year with lots of ups and downs for all of us; and unfortunately our academic community paid heavy prices; and in this matter, you the students, alongside the other classes of people were targeted with the most political attacks and assaults; and I have always resisted in defending your legal and rightful demands as much as I could. You are tolerating a hard times these days.

It is obvious that the university has always been the scene for justice-seeking presence of the students besides science and knowledge; the fact that is due to the pure and honest intentions  of the youth and their desires for reform in the country's affairs.

My dear ones, in addition to studying and learning science which is your main responsibility, as you have done before, have a dynamic, active, rational and wise presence in compliance with state laws and regulations for the prosperity of the revolution and development of the country.

I hope that in the new academic year by elimination of the security views toward the universities, choosing rational and suitable approach for the academic environment and with openness of the responsible authorities, we witness the return of students who have been banned from studying at the universities and the release of innocent imprisoned students.

*Referring to the thoughtless remakes made by Ahmadinejad's Minister of Science and Higher Educations, who said that if the universities are not according to the "values" they should be demolished to the ground!

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