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Photos: Farahnaz Village, Iran's Central Desert

04/11/11 Photos by Mona Hoobehfekr, ISNA

Farahzad is an Iranian desert village located on the northeast border of Iran's Isfahan province. Two families live in this village who live off of farming and raising livestock. The beautiful desert landscape around this village and its vicinity have been captured by the photographer Mona Hoobehfekr for all to enjoy.

Dasht-e Kavir is a large desert lying in the middle of the Iranian plateau. It is about 800 kilometers long and 320 kilometers wide with a total surface area of about 77,600 square kilometers, making it the world's 23rd largest desert. The area of this desert stretches from the Alborz mountain range in the north-west to the Dasht-e Lut ("Emptiness Desert") in the south-east and is partitioned between the Iranian provinces of Khorasan, Semnan, Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd. It is named after the salt marshes (kavirs) located there.



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