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Iranian opposition leader Karroubi advises son not to flee

08/07/11 Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi has urged his son to refrain from leaving the country, assuring him that the "harsh and difficult times" will come to an end. Hossein Karroubi, the son of the detained opposition leader, has published his father's letter on his Facebook page.

Mehdi Karroubi
Mehdi Karroubi

Mehdi Karroubi has been under house arrest since last February and completely cut off from the outside world. Hossein Karroubi introduces the letter by saying he has not been able to visit his father for more than six months. He adds that he hopes the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan will see the release of all political prisoners.

Hossein Karroubi also explains that the letter was written to him by his father, after false rumours had circulated claiming Hossein Karroubi had left Iran to seek asylum abroad.

The senior Karroubi writes: "Be certain that these harsh and difficult times will end... Shame will remain for individuals and officials who oppress people and violate people's rights, acting against the law and religion."

Karroubi goes on to advise his son not to flee Iran, saying: "Avoid leaving the country and be certain that it would lead to irreparable regret and remorse."

Mehdi Karroubi has been under house arrest since February after he and MirHosein Mousavi rallied people to demonstrate in support of the recent Arab uprisings. Mousavi and his wife, Zahra Rahanavard have also been under house arrest since then, as has Karroubi's wife, Fatemeh Karroubi.

Numerous international human rights organizations have called for the release of the opposition leaders, but they have been ignored by Islamic Republic authorities.

Although the Iranian judiciary has not officially charged Mousavi and Karroubi, last week Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in an interview on euronews that the opposition leaders have issues with the judiciary that need to be resolved.

Ahmadinejad insisted that under Islamic Republic law, no one is incarcerated for expressing his opinion.

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