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Attacking Iran and Pilotless Drones

Opinion article by Farzaneh Roostaee; source: Rooz Online

The explosion that destroyed a missile base in Malard a few weeks ago could have been the result of a missile strike by an American or an Israeli pilotless drone. An attack like this is something that the Americans have practiced and mastered in Pakistan's Vaziristan region.

Satellite Images Show Devastation at Iran Missile Base After Blast

Even if we have hit one of these drones on our eastern borders, we cannot deny the capability that the Pentagon has acquired in using these planes to hunt down the leaders of Al-Qaeda. These aircraft are used instead of humans in difficult missions over sensitive, dangerous and strenuous regions. The most recent accomplishment of such drone attacks was in hunting down Anwar al Aulaqi, the head of Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Ghari Hossein, the Al-Qaeda innovator of suicide missions has also been targeted three times in similar missions. Such drones also played a role in the downfall of Qaddafi's regime and the attack on his final convoy.

In 1993 America's most experienced rangers who went to Mogadishu in Somalia were trapped by local rebel forces resulting in the death of 19 US servicemen. Two marines were torn in half and hanged from a tree. The body of another soldier was tied to a rope and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. This experience in Somali has pushed the US towards utilizing pilotless drones in tough battles.

When we chant slogans and make military threats we must be aware where we are regarding military technology and whether bluffs like those made by Saddam Hussein can counter the latest military accomplishments, otherwise we will be forced to once again use our corpses to stop the enemy.

The US has announced that an attack on its cyber infrastructure is a war against America. At the same time, Iranian nuclear facilities have been attached with the Stuxnet and Stars viruses. It must be recalled that the Chernobyl accident in 1986 came about because of a few simple mistakes that took place in the course of a regular and ordinary test of electrical cooling systems of the nuclear reactors. If humankind's largest nuclear accident could have occurred as easily as this at Chernobyl, then the Stuxnet virus too could have created issues at Bushehr's computer systems a catastrophe, which is nothing short of war.

Getting caught in a war with the US or Israel will bring about irreparable damage to Iran and will return us to the Stone Age. Predicting such a catastrophe does not mean that we are negating Iran's right to nuclear energy. At the same time, what kind of management is this that relegates the management and defense of billion Dollar projects to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? And even though the violation of human rights, disregard for democratic processes and international language by Ahmadinejad has played a role in creating a global consensus against Iran, it is perhaps still possible to exist from the current dangerous predicament.

Holding free elections with the participation of all groups can provide an opportunity to exist from this crisis. Even if we are in the process of building a nuclear bomb, free elections will freeze the time in favor of building a nuclear bomb. Conversely, if free elections do not impact the threats against Iran, dictated elections that will be boycotted by reformers will create the most suitable conditions for a military attack on Iran.

Worse than war is depending on military technology from defunct communist regimes such as North Korea whose people are dying without the spoiled American wheat grain, yet provide military advice to us.

Today, people no longer go to battlefields or pronounce formal declarations of war against others: they attack us with Stuxnet, Stars, sporadic explosions at sensitive times while officials still believe that the attack has not yet started.

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