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99% Occupy Wall Street Movement and Political Prisoners in Iran


Press Release by Campaign99

Iranian activists are raising awareness among protestors at Occupy Wall Street Movement on the situation of political prisoners and the ongoing repression of dissidents in Iran.

“The idea is simple ...” says Campaign99. “We have decided to talk with 99 people engaged in Occupy Wall Street Movement around the world.

We will listen to each person's narrative of why s/he has joined the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Then we will narrate the life story of an Iranian prisoner of conscience for that person. After this mutual exchange of stories, we will ask the person to send a message to and make a poster for that Iranian prisoner. While s/he is holding the poster, we take a picture. This is for global solidarity.”

The campaign objectives are focused along 4 main areas:

  1. To raise global awareness on the situation of political prisoners in Iran
  2. To directly connect people across the world bypassing states and institutions
  3. To strengthen transnational solidarity and defend individuals rights at global level regardless of colours, genders, nationalities and political, cultural or religious agendas
  4. To prevent states and institutions from taking advantage of transnational social movements through state centric propaganda and power politics

The Campaign99 was launched on 5 November 2011 by a group of Iranian activists in different locations around the world shortly after the start of Occupy Movement in Wall Street. So far it has managed to connect Jenny, Fatimah, Josh, Peter and many other Occupy movement protestors with Heshmatollah, Ali, Fereshteh, Alieh and many other Iranian political prisoners.

Dilan & Indi: Free Arya Aramnejad

Other human stories and messages are yet to be exchanged between Azadi Square and Wall Street in the days to come. The stories and messages of these individuals are being published both in English and Farsi in social networks, so that people’s voices are heard across the globe.

Cosponsored by Amnesty International USA - AIUSA

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