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No Islamic Revolution is in the Making

02/03/11 By Bahman Aghai Diba

The events of some Arab countries, especially Tunisia and Egypt and to some extent Lebanon, has made the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and similar forces to claim that Islam is spreading all over the Middle East and the people of these countries, in search of Islam and due to their disgust from the secularism and Western- liberal ways of life, are attacking their political systems to become "Islamic".

Photos- Protests in Egypt -

Ahmad Khatami, the Friday Prayer Leader in Tehran has said: these events (what is happening in the Arab countries) are results of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.  Although the Western countries are trying to ignore the Islamic aspect of these movements, the main reason for them is the search for religion and Islam. 

These remarks remind me of what Ayatollah Khomeini used to say at the beginning of what is known as the "Islamic Revolution" of Iran.  He used to say that the people of Iran did not revolt for watermelon.  In his own way, he was trying to convey that the people of Iran who pushed for the changing of the Shah's regime were not after "economic gains" and they were not "hungry" physically and therefore they revolted for the religion and asked Khomeini to bring Islam to the society and he was doing so. He also used to say "economy belongs to donkey."  He meant that going after economy (welfare and material gains) was a goal for animals, not for human beings that God has created them for a certain religious aim.

However, I believe, contrary to all these old and new claims, no Islamic Revolution is going to happen anywhere in the Arab or the Islamic world.  The clear reason for all of these revolts in these countries is corruption, lack of democracy and poverty of masses and similar issues.  People are demonstrating due to the price of bread and unemployment. They have nothing to do with religion or Islam, although the religious Islamic factions are systematically trying to portray that they hold the strings for all of these movements.  The desire in the Western countries to blame their own government for being ineffective or inefficient for tackling these factions has added to the voice of these elements.

The most important reason that these movements are not for religion and especially are not for Islam is the failure of the Islamic revolution in Iran.  The people all of these countries can see the results of such a "change" in practice in Iran.  While, before the "Islamic revolution" in Iran, many Arab and Muslim counters such as Egypt, were much close than Iran for such a "revolution", and it was a great shock for the people of Iran and the entire world that Iran fell in this trap set by the Mullahs, after the downfall of Iran in the Islamic catastrophe, no other country has gone through the same course because of what they see in Iran.

The failure of the Islamic Revolution is Iran has become the greatest lesson for all Muslim countries.  This revolution has turned the prosperous nation of Iran (who was not concerned about watermelon), into poverty stricken nation that is in need of everything from outside.  Iranians were once famous as proud and wealthy nation all over the world.  The Iranian passport was the sign of dignity and respect.  But now it is sign of a state sponsor of terrorism.  The Judicial system of Iran is trying to codify the barbaric laws (such as stoning).  The educational system of Iran is producing one of the lowest ranks of education.  The rate of drug addiction in Iran is one of the highest in the world.  The country is under various kinds of sanctions because the Islamic regime insists it needs nuclear power for electricity (while everybody knows that this regime does not give a damn about the electricity or other needs of its population).  The administration in Iran is bragging about global management while mismanagement is destroying the country. 

While the people of Iran have paid a heavy price for this experience and they are trying hard to get rid of this religious system, it is hardly acceptable to think that the people of Islamic countries expect this kind of government for themselves. What is happening in Iran at the present juncture is a clear struggle by the people of Iran to get religion separated from politics. The Muslim people are sick and tired of religious extremism. The Islamic Government and government of religious zealots, (such as the Islamic Republic) is not the wish and demand of any nation in the Middle East, including Iran.

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