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Photos: Prototypes of Iranian satellites Navid and Zafar

02/13/11 Source: ISNA; photos by Raouf Mohseni, Mehr News Agency

Head of Iran's satellite research center of Science and Industry University said on Saturday Navid (promise) satellite is to be launched in mid 2011.  Hossein Bolandi said," space version of Navid satellite is made and is ready to be delivered to launcher. It will be launched in mid 2011. "

"Zafar (victory) satellite which has got more advanced capabilities and its engineering version is built and will be fired to Earth's orbit into 2012."

Bolandi who was speaking in a press conference for the unveiling of the two satellites said, "engineering and space versions of Navid satellite are built domestically and we hope it will be fired into space by mid 2011 by indigenous launcher."

He called the process of designing and making a satellite a very complicated one.

Regarding the details of Navid satellite he added, "it weighs 50kg and its height ranges from 250 to 375 km .It is capable of receiving and sending images with the resolution of 400 meters."

"This satellite includes temperature and situation control systems as well as systems to oversee construction subsystems, telecommunications, antenna, electronic and computer on board. Its space version has completed all vibration, thermal, and vacuum tests and is ready to be delivered to launcher," Bolandi noted.

He also said, "Navid takes black and white photos accurately up to 550 meters distance."

"Being a completely operational satellite, Zafar enables us to identify all oil and gas resources as well as and mines, forests, salt-marshes and environment contaminations", he continued.

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