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Iran: People Rally In Ardakan In Support Of Opposition Leader Mohammad Khatami

02/20/11 Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

More than a thousand youth marched in the city of Ardakan on Thursday (February 17, 2011) to express their unwavering support for former President Mohammad Khatami (who is now considered one of the leaders of the Green opposition movement).

Mohammad Khatami is part of the Green Opposition

The march, which was mainly in response to the wave of attacks against the former President in recent days, was largely peaceful and according to reports, the police's handling of the spontaneous demonstration was "respectful." Many of the protesters who chanted slogans in support of Khatami were on motorbikes and were steadily joined by other citizens who voiced their backing for the reformist politician. Ardakan is Khatami's home city.

Following pro-opposition protests on 14 February, many in the conservative camp including members of Iran's conservative parliament called for the trial and execution of the leaders of Iran's Green Movement Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami.


Source for English translation: GVF

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