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The Root of the Feeling of Religiousness

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

In the past ten days, the news on has been all about increased solar activity and appearance of gigantic sunspots on our Sun.

Coincidentally reading through and amending my translation of Gurdjieff's Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, I accidentally reached the explanation of a cosmic phenomenon which he calls Law of Solioonensius, emerging as the result of increasing tension in our Sun spreading naturally to all its planet, with the resulting effect that 'feeling of religiousness' increases in us. This is when we can use the opportunity to accelerate the development of Objective Reason in us through our own desires and efforts to be what we are supposed to be, Humans, distinguished from other creatures solely by virtue of this Reason. It is like a booty given to all to strive in this direction. This is what our far far ancestors, before our division to casts and classes knew and thus used the opportunity in the corresponding way. With the dawn of history and our divisions to classes, when this same cosmic phenomenon happens, and we recognize a strange 'feeling' in ourselves as a result, we apparently take it as a symptom of 'nervousness' leading to another feeling which Gurdjieff calls the 'Need of Freedom.'

With this introduction, all of a sudden remembering the fact that this state of affairs has been going on almost continuously with only short periods of 'peace' among and within nations inhabiting this part of our Mother Earth since WWII and Communist Revolution and later Islamic Revolution, and the coincidence of higher activity of our Sun these days with mass movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, and the persistence of 'Silent Green Movement' in Iran, all manifesting the "need of freedom", I thought this sharing may open a new window as it did for me.

It may also be equally individually revolutionizing to know what happens when we are unknowingly under these cosmic influences and our 'Need of Freedom' intensifies as the result, in Gurdjieff's words: "On one hand the intensity of the action of the data for engendering constantly the impulse of 'timidity' before power-possessors automatically diminishes, and on the other hand, the intensity of the action of data provoking 'hate' increases."

Thus naturally begins what we call revolution, civil war and war.

Any time I leave our house and walk on the opposite pavement, and automatically remembering blood drops on them seen first last year when power-possessors began to brutally suppress the green movement, I see how 'hatred' rages again inside as all other corresponding memories of continuous inhuman violence ever since and in the past three decades and before that and since the dawn of history of us killing us automatically come to mind.

May these unknown new cosmic vibrations which apparently would reach their peak next year (2012) do something to our genetic make up to remove these corresponding genes from human race through what we call CONSCIENCE, that true inner RELIGIOUS TEACHING common to ALL. So that Revolutions would not 'eat' its Children anymore and Man & Woman stop killing Man & Woman.

Mandela has shown us the way in practice.

... Payvand News - 02/20/11 ... --

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