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Iran unveils indigenous supercomputers

02/25/11 Source: ISNA

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated two home-made supercomputers on Wednesday.

Two giant supercomputers were unveiled at prestigious Amirkabir and Isfahan universities of technology.

The supercomputer of Amirkabir University of Technology with graphic power of 22000 billion operations per second is able to process 34000 billion operations per second with the speed of 40GB.

The device has the capability to process and calculate data in various fields from meteorology to different industries.

The supercomputer is expected to be among the 500 ones of the world.

The supercomputer manufactured in Isfahan University of Technology has calculation ability of 34000 billion operations per second and its Graphics Processing Units (GPU) are able to do more than 32 billion operations per 100 seconds.

The supercomputer's operational memory is beyond 7500GB and the anticipated storage density of this system exceeds 30000GB. Its communication speed is 40GB.

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