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Iran's GDP to hit $767.2b in five years: The Economist

02/27/11 Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

The Economist reported that Iran will rank higher in global Gross Domestic Production in upcoming years. ISNA news agency cited the January report of The Economist predicting Iranian GDP would continuously go up in the next 5 years.

GDP world map
GDP real growth rates for 2007
See: Gross Domestic Product (Wikipedia)

The GDP rate stood at 0.65 percent last year, but it has increased to 0.68 percent this year, and it will exceed to 0.73 next year, according to the report.

In five years Iran's GDP will reach 0.92 percent according to the Economist.

The report stated that Iran's GDP will increase over $44 billion in the current year and reach $411.4 billion.

In five years the GDP of the Islamic Republic will reach $767.2 billion, the report said.

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