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Special team formed to protect Iranian scientists

01/13/11 Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

Vice President for Scientific Affairs Nasrin Soltankhah announced on Wednesday that a special team has been formed to protect the country's scientists.

Talking to reporters, Soltankhah stated, "The intelligentsia who are under the cover of the National Elites Foundation and receive facilities from this foundation will be protected."

The first step toward protecting the scientists against the abuse by foreign intelligence agencies is to make them aware of the potential threats.

Over the past years, a number of Iranian scientists have been the target of terrorist attacks organized by the foreign intelligence agencies.

The latest ones were the assassination of nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari and the assassination attempt on Fereydoun Abbasi Davani.

Majid Shahriari's car after bomb attack in Tehran

On November 29, 2010, Shahriari and Abbasi Davani were targeted by terrorists in two separate bombings. Shahriari was killed and Abbasi Davani was injured in the attacks. The two academics were both on their way to work at Shahid Beheshti University in northern Tehran when they were attacked. The police say that in both incidents, terrorists riding motorcycles attached magnetic bombs to the physicists' cars.

Wife of Majid Shahriari survived the assassination attempt that killed her husband

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