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Iranian police official denies national safety crisis

07/23/11 Source: Radio Zamaneh

The deputy head of Iran's security forces has announced that Iran's crime rate has not risen, especially in light of the country's population growth. Ahmadreza Radan told ISNA that the incidence of violent crimes have not increased in recent years, and crimes such as kidnapping and distraint have even decreased.

Rouhollah Dadashi: Iran's "Strongest Man" Killed

The security chief commented on the recent rape of women at a party in Khomeini Shahr and the murder of "Iran's strongest man." He acknowledged the shocking nature of the news and insisted that the perpetrators would soon be punished.

Three young men have been arrested and accused of killing Rouhollah Dadashi

In the Khomeini Shahr incident, Iranian media reported that 12 "hoodlums" entered a private party on May 24, locked the men in a room and "assaulted" a number of women. In response to the public outcry against the incident, the judiciary has announced it will soon issue sentences for the culprits.

Radan also referred to the murder of Ruhollah Dadashi, a two-time winner of the Iran's Strongest Man competition, who was recently stabbed to death in Tehran. Radan said security forces apprehended the perpetrators within 48 hours of the crime.

He insisted that in terms of safety, the country is not in a critical situation, and the judiciary and the police are in control.

In recent months, several reports of rape, street murders and other violent crimes in public places have prompted reactions from government officials.

The Parliament has summoned Iran's Prosecutor General, the head of the Iranian courts and the commander of the security forces to explain the apparent increase in murder and violence in the country.

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