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Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq agree on issuing joint visa

03/06/11 Source: ISNA

Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq have agreed on issuing joint visa, said Iranian deputy Vice President Ali Aghamohammadi.

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"As offered by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tourists can visit the four countries with the joint visa," Aghamohammadi told ISNA. The measure seeks lessening tourists' expenses and facilitating tourism in the four countries.

The name of the visa "Shamgen" is offered by Erdogan. Shamgen is named after "Sham" which is the classical Arabic name of Syria, he added.


The Iranian official continued the four countries have also agreed to boost free trade under creating a large free trade zone.

Initial steps for the goal between Iran and Syria are closing to final phases and the two countries have offered their final acts to be approved in their parliaments.

Iran has taken actions towards Turkey and Iraq as well.


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