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PKCF Report for 2010: Blessed is he who reaches out to those in need

Source: The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation

We take great pleasure in updating PKCF supporters on the projects funded in 2010, and providing a brief report on our ongoing activities. Without your generous support none of this would have been possible.

Malaek Centre for Physically Disabled Girls -Tehran

In 2010, PKCF refurbished the Computer Centre with new computers and furnishings and donated towards the purchase of housing for two of the residents. Two girls married in 2010 and their weddings were held at the centre. Supported by PKCF since 1998, the centre is regularly inspected by PKCF members. In addition to constructing the vocational school, refurbishing and furnishing the 3 residential wards, purchase of computers, a mini bus and physiotherapy equipment; ongoing annual funding is made for the welfare and education of the 100 physically disabled girls. Eighteen of our graduates have been employed in the centre itself, fulfilling the organisation's teaching and administrative needs.

PKCF Vocational School -Tehran

400 girls aged 14 to 17 years are enrolled this year in the three year, accountancy, Computer Sciences, Physical Education & Graphic Design courses. Many of last year's graduates have attained entrance to universities. Two PKCF representatives serve on the Board of Trustees of the school to ensure that the school is well managed. PKCF continues to support the maintenance and necessary refurbishment. .

Hakim Farabi Vocational School - Bam

220 girls aged 14 to 17 are enrolled in a three year course: Physical Education, Accountancy, Graphic Design, Computer Science & Clothes Design and Sewing. The girls from Bam are making excellent use of the opportunities afforded them at the school and although the number of students decreased after the earthquake, it is rising once more and enrolment is expected to increase in the future. PKCF members visit the school several times a year and found it necessary to refurbish the whole school in the summer of 2010. PKCF will continue to supervise and maintain the facilities.

Jaffar Abad Learning Centre -Ghazvin

A total of 134 girls and boys - 17 Kindergarten, 73 Elementary and 44 Middle School children attend this three shift school. Many had to travel long distances or not attend school before the construction of this school. In addition to on-going support and maintenance, PKCF provides educational and warm sportswear for the winter clothing. We are exceptionally pleased with the education provided to the children and are considering constructing small sports facilities next to the school building.

PKCF Workshop Karaj

460 boys attend Dr Naraghi's Vocational School for their theoretical studies and use the workshop built by PKCF on the premises for Practical Mechanics, Electrical and Welding courses.

In partnership with Mrs Naraghi, PKCF will continue to support the requirements of the workshop whenever the need arises.

Bachehaye Ma Kerman (Action for Orphans)

30 children, 17 girls and 13 boys, are being brought up as siblings from the age of 3, receiving the best care in two homes on the same compound. Six children are pre-school age, 5 at primary school, 15 in middle school and 4 are in high school. PKCF funded the construction of the two homes, supplied a small van and gives annual financial support. After spending several days at the home of the children, PKCF representatives have pledged to assist with the funding of construction of a library and IT building and look forward to extending more support to this wonderful organisation.

Ashyaneh Ali - Kerman

This centre in Kerman runs three homes, housing thirty orphaned girls and boys aged from 4 to 18 who receive exceptional care under the supervision of Mrs Dehghan. All children attend school and receive extra tuition at home. They all attend sporting facilities and are taken on holidays around the country during school breaks. PKCF representatives visit the centre several times a year, are very pleased with their findings and have pledged to continue our annual financial support.

Society for Protection of Street and Working Children -Karaj

650 Afghani children and young people receive education and vocational training in five small houses in Karaj, one of which was purchased by PKCF. The centre needed to expand, adding a small workshop to enable the older boys learn mechanical, plumbing, house painting and other small trades to qualify them for jobs and to keep them off the streets. PKCF purchased the land for the workshop, which is now under construction.

Aliasghar Children's Hospital - Tehran

In 2009 The Haematology Ward was completely refurbished, and PKCF supplied the medical equipment, patients lift and air conditioning unit. The ward is fully utilised by needy children from all over Iran. In 2010 PKCF funded the supply of an anaesthesia machine, portable X-ray machine and a C-arm fluoroscopy unit for the four newly refurbished operating rooms which are now completed, enabling the hospital to operate on more children.


Markaz Tebbi Koodakan (Children's medical centre) - Tehran

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) which was funded by PKCF in 2009 is being used at full capacity. We were very pleased with the excellent service that the centre is providing. In 2010 PKCF purchased complete Dental Surgery equipment comprising of three Dental chairs, Treatment Units and fixtures and fittings.

Noor Ehsan -Tehran

Noor Ehsan is a nonprofit volunteer organization based in Tehran. It was established in 2000 to provide sustained and appropriate support to families whose fathers, if living, are either disabled, or addicted, or in prison, and whose mothers are unskilled to work and to provide a living for their children. Currently they have 152 families under their care, with 530 individuals. PKCF is assisting with financial support for medical needs and education for the children.


Wherever the Need

With funding by PKCF, Wherever the Need is working with the villagers of Ennanagaram in southern India to build community benefits through greater use of the new PKCF School, built in 2009, beginning with evening classes for women and teenagers. PKCF's current funding will uplift the community so they become more 'income generation' self-sufficient. This will be achieved through micro-finance for women's groups, and training and equipment purchase to expand skills. Other peripheral structural activities are also taking place and once completed these combined improvements will have a powerful and long-lasting effect on the villagers' lives.

Sick Children's Trust -UK

In 2010 PKCF made a donation to the Sick Children's Trust for the construction of a playroom at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Sick Children's Trust believes that no child should be separated from their family while in hospital receiving treatment for serious illness, and exists to support and promote the child's recovery and further to support the fabric and well-being of the family as a whole.

Facing Africa - NOMA

Facing Africa is a charity concerned with the prevention and treatment of the horrific children's disease Noma. This is an acute and ravaging gangrenous infection affecting the face. The victims of Noma are mainly young children caught in a vicious circle of extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition. A further donation has been made to help with the treatment of Noma.


Global Action Plan

A final grant has been made to Global Action Plan, who since 1993 have been at the forefront in educating and changing people's behavior. Whether it is working with schools, households, businesses or other members of the community, GAP are a multi-award winning charity that has an environmental blueprint for everyone.

Arjan Ala Trust (Friends of Iran Haemophilia) - Iran

In 2003/2004, PKCF funded the purchase of medical equipment and laboratory reagents for the diagnosis and treatment of Iranian children with haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, which cripple or kill children who are not diagnosed or treated appropriately. In addition, mothers who are carriers of these genetic diseases can be accurately identified, and if they become pregnant, pre-natal diagnosis is provided for the unborn infant. Since 2004, donations have been made annually to support the work of the Arjan Ala Charitable Trust.

Women for Women - Rwanda

In September 2010, 250 Women for Women -Rwanda program participants began a short-term program for the production of bricks to be used in the construction of the Women's Opportunity Center (WOC) in Rwanda. Brick-making and construction are two areas dominated by men in Rwanda, and the initiative by Women for Woman -Rwanda shows a commitment to teaching women not only a new trade, but to learn new skills typically unavailable to them because of their gender. Rather than buying bricks from the market, the program participants are building a structure that will produce lasting, meaningful change for Rwandan women. PKCF donated to this worthy cause.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust - UK

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the UK's most common life-threatening inherited disease. Cystic Fibrosis affects over 8,000 people in the UK. Over two million people in the UK carry the faulty gene that causes Cystic Fibrosis -around 1 in 25 of the population. Cystic Fibrosis affects the internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system, by clogging them with thick sticky mucus. This makes it hard to breathe and digest food. PKCF makes an annual financial donation towards the discovery of an effective treatment for Cystic Fibrosis, one of the UK's most common life-threatening inherited diseases.

For a full listing of our projects to date please visit:

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