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The Third Eye "Iranian Contemporary Art Exhibition" in Shanghai


The Third Eye" Iranian Contemporary Art Exhibition" in Shanghai

City: Shanghai
Curator: Raul Zamudio
Duration: 2011-03-17 ~ 2011-04-17
Opening: Thursday, March 17th,2011.5:00p.m.
Venue: Other Gallery
Address: No.101, Building 9, Moganshan Road, M50 Art Area, Putuo District,Shanghai

Participating Artist(s): Ala Dehghan、Celia Eslamieh Shomal、Majeed Beenteha、Mehran Tizkar & Raha Rastifard、Parastou Forouhar、Pouran Jinchi、Shahram Entekhabi、Vahid Sharifian

The Third Eye is an exhibiton of Iranian artists that culls its title from disparate sources. It uses as curatorial framwork the cinematic vernacular for the camera, known as" the third eye," with the notion of third space articulated by geoprapher Edward Soja, and that of the literary critic and theorist Homhi Bhaba. As a film trope, the third eye is the camera lens that captures the world independent from the human eye: in doing so, it can reveal to us its overlooked beauty as well as exposing the social disparity within it. Similar to this is Edward Soja's third space, whic alludes to both real and imagined space resulting from changes triggered by technology, shifting demographics, urbanity, and globalization. Likewise, Homi Bhabha proposes a differennt type of subjectivity that is neither foreign nor native, but a kind of trans-cultural protean self created from transnational migration that simultaneously alters the social environment of the local as well as the global.

The artists presented in The Third Eye use these open-ended narratives as thematic touchstones as well as reflecting on an ever-changing world where tradition rubs up against the contemporaneous, religion with the secular, and orthodoxy with heterodoxy. As artists who live in varied locales including Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Tehran, the artworks exhibited are as formally eclectic and these include photography. video, work on paper, painting, performance, and installation. The Third Eye does not claim to be representative of art being made by Iranians today, regardless whether they live within their country or abroad; rather, it serves to underscore the heterogeneous nature of an emerging contemporary artistic practice that evinces an artistic vocabulary rooted in a formal, social, and cultural crucible situated at a nexus between the past, the present, and the future.

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