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Iran's Oil Exports to EU Exceeds $1 bln

05/03/11 Source Moj News

The Islamic Republic of Iran has exported $1.016 billion of crude oil to the European Union in January-February, 2011, Eurostat reported.

According to the report, the trade between Iran and EU during the mentioned months reached $2.925 billion of which $1.016 billion accounted for Iranian crude exports to the union.

EU's exports to Iran valued at $1.627 billion in the mentioned period, the report added.
The total exports from Iran to EU reached $1.298 billion.


Iran's Non-oil Exports Increased

The Islamic Republic of Iran has exported $2.882 billion of various non-oil products during the first month of the current Iranian year (March 21-April 20), director general of the IRI Customs Administration said.

"The exports were weighted 5.344 million tons," Abbas Memarnejad said.

According to him, the exports increased 49.32 percent in terms of value and 5.8 percent in terms of volume compared to the same month last year.

In the same month, Iran's imports also valued at $3.778 billion showing 92.18 percent growth over the last year, he said. The imports were weighted 2.371 million tons increasing 19.19 percent.

`United Arab Emirates with $441 million of imports from Iran was the major buyer of Iranian goods and products during the mentioned month. After UAE, China with $369 million, Iraq with $230 million, South Korea with $210 million and India with $138 million were ranked 2nd-5th, Memarnejad added.

United Arab Emirates, China, Germany, South Korea and Belgium were also major exporters to Iran in the mentioned month.

Iran Imports 1mn cm Gas from Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan exports 1million cubic meters of gas to Iran through Astara compressor station every day, News Az reported.

The construction of 211-kilometer Hajigabul-Astara gas pipeline and installation of new equipment and communication lines to enhance Astara compressor station's capacity have completed. The afore-said steps aim to increase gas exports from Azerbaijan to Iran.

1mn cubic meters of gas are exported to Iran through Astara compressor station every day. This figure is expected to grow in the future, Azerigas public union said.

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