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Photos: Bear Cubs Separated From Mommy Bear

05/08/11 Photos by Seddigheh Hosseini, Mehr News Agency

Two bear cubs are being cared for at the quarantine center in Lorestan Mountain Park in Khorramabad, western Iran. Environmental protections agents discovered these cubs recently in a box a hunter was carrying with him. The hunter escaped leaving the cubs behind along with unanswered questions about where they had come from and how they had been separated from their mother. Due to the cruelty of the hunter, these cubs are now growing in captivity instead of enjoying the wild and being nurtured by their mother.

Lorestan, Iran

According to Darikvand, the veteran official responsible for environmental protection in Lorestan province, the bear cubs in principle are not related to the Lorestan province and have been brought there from Yasouj area. he bear cubs live in the Zagros Mountains in the heart of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari and are now forced to migrate Lorestan.

The plan is to release these cubs back into the wilderness after they reach one year of age. As for the fate of their mother, Darikvand believes most likely she had left the cubs in search of food and the offending hunter had used the opportunity to take the cubs. This is based on the fact there hasn't been any report of a bear having been hunted in the area recently.

, Iran

According to the environmental protection guard taking care of the cubs, they may be about two-months-old. Also, the cubs are playful and charming. When people see them, they first feel very sad for them; but they quickly get absorbed by these joyful littler bears.

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