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Iranian "morality police" to work overtime this summer

05/10/11 Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iranian authorities have announced that "morality police" will hit city streets in greater numbers this summer to confront violations of the Islamic dress code and other public transgressions.

file photo: morality police in Tehran stopping women for "improper hejab"

Commander Ahmad Rouzbehani, the head of "morality police forces," announced that 70,000 officers would be deployed to enforce public morality regulations as the summer starts and there is greater movement of people during vacations.

"The police will take legal action against those who appear in public like models," Rouzbehani announced.

"In some instances, some people have been seen to take off their head covering in their vehicles," Rouzbehani said. Rejecting the explanation that the car is one's personal space he added: "Such vehicles will be stopped and their passengers will be referred to the judiciary."

Commander Rouzbehani also listed "installation of satellite dishes and sale of alcoholic drinks" as violations.

The head of Iranian police forces recently announced that walking dogs in public is against regulations and people caught walking their pets in public will be fined.

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