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Photos: Ardeshir Palace in Kerman

05/13/11 Photos by Mir-Mojtaba Fazljou, Mehr News Agency; report source: Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency

Ardeshir Castle

The name of the city, Kerman, has been linked to Parthians who immigrated to southern Iran in ancient times. Originally referred to as "Germania", it changed to "Kermania" and eventually Kerman with the passage of time. Kerman is also cited in inscriptions belonging to the era of Darius, the Achaemenid monarch, as the place from where the wood needed for Achaemenid palaces was procured.

Kerman province is full of historical and ecotourism sites. One such site is Ardeshir Castle which is located adjacent to Dokhtar Castle on top of a mountain 150 meters above the plain of Kerman. Its walls are made of thick layers of clay.

Buildings such as palace, temples and other sites are also located between the two castles. The tiles used in these castles indicate that the art used in these constructions is unique.


This castle dates back to the era of Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of Sassanid Dynasty. After quelling the rebellion in the cities of Darabgerd and Neyriz in Fars province, Ardeshir fought the ruler of Arsacides Dynasty, Velakhsh, held him captive and made his own son the ruler of Kerman.

The antiquity, grandeur and status of these castles call for paying more attention to these sites. However, no move has been made to renovate them or carry out archeological excavations in the area so far.

Ardeshir Castle

In recent years, construction activities have taken place in the vicinity of these castles and on the slopes of mountains where they are situated. Parks and tourism sites have also been welcomed enthusiastically by local residents. But since there are no fences around these castles, they are exposed to the danger of destruction.

As remnants of ancient civilization, these castles deserve greater attention.

Ardeshir Castle

Deputy head of Kerman+s Cultural Heritage Department for technical affairs, Mohsen Movahhedi, said that due to their antiquity and other parameters, the castles have been seriously ruined and their remnants are scattered on the slopes of the mountain.

The official said that in view of the activities of Kerman Municipality in the region, related organizations have been notified of the precincts of the castles.

Ardeshir Castle


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