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"Don't think so much of yourself!" Nasirian tells his wax effigy

05/30/11 Source: Mehr News Agency; photos by Morteza Yarahmadi

"Don't think so much of yourself!" said veteran actor Ali Nasirian addressing his effigy unveiled at the Museum and House of Eternal Figures here on Sunday. A group of cultural officials, artists and actors attended the ceremony at the museum located in Tehran's Sadabad Cultural Historical Complex where the effigy, designed and created by Hamid Lankarani, was unveiled.

Ali Nasirian looking at his wax effigy

Nasirian was surprised to see his figure for its great similarity and said that it is a fine job and has been created artistically.

Ali Nasirian

The Eternal Figures Committee secretary Mahmud As'adi began to talk first at the ceremony saying, "Nasirian is a professional actor with his own personal attitude. We hope to continue making 99 more effigies for other celebrities."

"Nasirian is an old friend of mine. We began our careers on stage and I believe that if one expects a society to develop, its theater must first progress rather than its television and cinema," veteran Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz present at the program said.

"It was Nasirian who organized the first theater festival of Iran. I learned the many things from him. He is such a gentleman and his love is the theater," he added.

Actress Jaleh Olov also said that Nasirian is a modest and humble man and that he is quite serious about his work.

Master of miniature Mahmud Farshchian said he follows works and TV series in which Nasirian plays. He is an expert in his job.

Director of the Iranian Calligraphers Society Mohammad Salahshur, Culture Ministry Supervision and Evaluation Office (SEO) Director Alireza Sajjadpur, and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art director Mahmud Shaluii were among the participants each of whom made brief remarks about the master.

Nasirian next continued, "The words expressed here embarrassed me. I don't think I deserve all these compliments. What brought me on stage and drew me to theater was my own love and interest. I don't owe an obligation to anybody.

"We began empty-handed in those days and never thought of a day like this, to have a statue of our own and to have a ceremony honoring us. It was our own love of theater that compelled us to rehearse for those long hours.

"Establishing a museum is such a special action and I hope all the elderly in our generation reach their 100th birthday and are able to celebrate it," he hoped.



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