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Photos: Arasbaran Forest in East Azarbaijan, Iran

05/31/11 Photos by Mahsa Jamali, Mehr News Agency


Arasbaran is a UNESCO registered biosphere located in East Azarbaijan Province, Iran. Some historical places such as Babak Khorramdin's Castle are also located in this area.

According to UNESCO, this biosphere reserve situated in the north of Iran at the border to Armenia and Azerbaijan belongs to the Caucasus Iranian Highlands. In-between the Caspian, Caucasus and Mediterranean region, the area covers mountains up to 2,200 meters, high alpine meadows, semi-arid steppes, rangelands and forests, rivers and springs.


Arasbaran is the territory of about 23,500 nomads who are mainly living in the buffer and transition zones (2000). Economic activities in the biosphere reserve are mainly agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, apiculture, handicrafts and tourism, but business activities can also be found in urbanized areas.


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