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Iran Navy Saves Foreign Ship In Indian Ocean

05/31/11 Source: ISNA

The Islamic Republic of Iran navy saved a MV Ocean bulk carrier as it confronted pirates for the 12th time since late March.

Iranian Navy Ships (file photo)

The MV First Ocean bulk carrier operated by V-Ships multinational Incorporation was saved by the Iranian warships.

The bulk carrier which weighs 80,000 tons was moving across eastern Indian Ocean as attacked by three boats belonging to pirates.

The pirates continued to make their way to the ship despite warnings came by Iranian navy. They finally were made to flee after receiving fires from Iranian commandos.

The Iranian navy escorted the cargo ship to a secure place after the attack.

On Sunday, the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy warships saved the Iranian oil-tanker, Damavand, from a pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden.

The Iranian flotilla of warships deployed in the Gulf of Aden is part of an anti-piracy surveillance in the area.

The Gulf of Aden, which links the Indian Ocean with the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea, is the quickest route for more than 20,000 vessels traveling annually between Asia, Europe and the Americas.

However, attacks by heavily armed Somali pirates on speedboats have prompted some of the world's largest shipping firms to switch routes from the Suez Canal and reroute cargo vessels around southern Africa, leading to climbing shipping costs.

Statement (correction) received from V.Ships:

Reports that the MV First Ocean bulk carrier- saved from pirate attack by Iranian warships- is incorrect in so far that the vessel is neither operated or managed by V.Ships as mentioned. The vessel left the V.Ships Management on January 17th 2011.

V.Ships Shipmanagement.

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