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Photos: Fishermen in Chaboksar Caspian Coast, Gilan


Photos by Youness Khani, Mehr News Agency

With the start of the fishing season, the fishermen at Iran's Caspian coast in Chaboksar, Gilan province are hard at work casting their nets for the white fish.

The Caspian White Fish (called mahi sefid in Iran) is a medium sized fresh water and brackish water fish native to the Caspian Sea. It is typically a medium sized fish, reaching 45-55 cm in length, rarely 70 cm, and weighing up to 4.00 kg, rarely 5.00 kg. It used to be very common and was harvested commercially. The population seems to have collapsed due to over exploitation and marine pollution. Its flesh and roe is enjoyed as food, and highly prized in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces in Iran.

Gilan is one of the provinces of Iran. It lies along the Caspian Sea, just west of the province of Mazandaran, east of the province of Ardabil, north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. Northern part of province is part of territory of South (Iranian) Talysh. The center of the province is the city of Rasht. Other towns in the province include Astara, Astaneh-e Ashrafiyyeh, Fuman, Lahijan, Langrud, Masouleh, Manjil, Rudbar, Roudsar, Shaft, Talesh, and Soumahe Sara.

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