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Pooneh Jafarinejad Painting Exhibition at Seyhoun Art Gallery

Opening Friday November 25, 2011, 4:00 to 8:00 pm at Tehran's Seyhoun Art Galley
The exhibition will remain open until December 7th everyday from 10 am to 6 pm
The gallery is closed on Friday December 2nd

In my point of view regardless of “a woman”, one of the most beautiful and mysterious elements of nature is “trees”. It’s frequently been the subject of painting for almost all of my favorite painters. With every season, trees take different colors and represent themselves with a distinct personality each time.

After years of figurative and expressive painting, I started painting single trees unconsciously and instinctively. These trees, later on, associated with the same single female mysterious figures in my mind.

Although I started painting trees to achieve a sort of decorative technique or style to connect more with the audience, I started looking for trees of my past and childhood memories in the streets of my city, country and even overseas until it went far beyond a mere decorative subject for me.

The image of a dead strange tree which I had seen once in the deserts of Yazd with those big red rubber fruits with the cloth and the oblations tied to it, the huge berry tree on the roads of my childhood endless journeys, the vibrant and fertile palms of deserted Bam one year after the deadly earthquake, the beautiful purplish trees of my city _ Tehran _  which I had rarely seen in many other cities, and the three blackberry trees of my childhood house which were planted by my parents after the birth of my two sisters and I, all and all became the subject of my paintings.

This idea gradually accompanied my mind with a sort of daydreaming and mysticism, and I started to find my subjects. They were different subjects that I sometimes saw on my way to my parent’s house throughout different seasons, and sometimes in an old house in Kashan.

Most of these paintings were covered under later ones. The colors and backgrounds were the same as what I had seen on the corner of an ancient abandoned house - a beautiful and colorful pomegranate tree full of life, energy, memory and nostalgia which stood alone on a dry hard ground in the courtyard of an old noble deserted house.   What absorbs me to these single trees more than anything else is their beauty, solidity, and persistence besides their loneliness and inevitable dependence on the land which makes them similar to us humans.

Biography: Pooneh Jafarinejad is an internationally recognized Iranian artist. Pooneh's paintings have fascinated art collectors and they followed her development as an engaged Iranian women painter.

In her earlier works, Pooneh was drawn between a predominantly abstract art form of combining colors and shapes to comply with the constraints of official art in Iran and her wish to express her femininity in painting the women's body, although still maintaining an abstract formality. Pooneh experienced a personal liberation of this conflict during one of her exhibitions when the show was ctually forced to close. Almost as a contradiction, Pooneh decided to free herself from her fears and to pursue unconstrained expression of her inner feelings. subsequently she exhibited these works in private but also in galleries.Pooneh also profited from attending many painting workshops and symposiums around Europe together with a range of international artists. Her success in Iran and abroad confirmed to her that she pursuing the right approach.

Pooneh is a sensitive artist with a strong intuition. She listens herself and tries to express her feelings in the appropriate from without trying to compromise herself.

She has a strong will to succeed and to break out, sort of exploring the boundaries of art in Iran, but maintaining always a positive outlook. One finds rarely expression of women's suppression or the darker sides of daily life in her works which could easily dominate an artist'sexpression.

To the contrary, Pooneh is moving towards tranquility in her works expressed in warm colors. Her paintings, mainly acrylic, show a deliberate transparency edging towards mysticism. Recurring themes are a women's body or flowing hair, flowers combined with formal color shapes. Circular or semicircular shapes have moved from depicting confinement to openness. It is important to Pooneh that her paintings are not only meant as a sort of decorative art but lead the viewer to a dialogue with the artist.

From time to time she breathes a diverse atmosphere, to confront a different culture and to experiment with unusual forms of expression.

Seyhoun Art Galley
Vozara ave. 4th Street # 11, Tehran/Iran
Tel : 88 71 13 05 - Fax : 88 10 24 22

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