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Photos: Iranian Navy Takes Delivery of Coast-to-Sea Missile Systems


Source: Mehr News Agency

Domestically manufactured coast-to-sea missile systems were delivered to the Iranian Navy during a ceremony held on Wednesday with the participation of Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi and Navy Commander Habibollah Sayyari.

"Today with the delivery of a considerable number of coast-to-sea missile systems to the Navy, naval forces are able to carry out their defense missions on the coasts more powerfully," Vahidi said at the ceremony.

He also said that strengthening the Navy is one of the main strategies of the Defense Ministry.

On the features of coast-to-sea missile systems, Brigadier General Vahidi said that rotating launchers of the systems enable naval forces to control a wider range, and the fact that the systems are connected through an integrated communications network makes it possible for defense units to simultaneously track and intercept several targets.

He added that the new systems are more flexible than their predecessors and provide personnel with increased security.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he thanked experts at the Maritime Industries Organization for designing and manufacturing powerful missile systems, which will help increase national strength.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said, "We proudly announce that in view of the systems that are in our possession and the systems that were delivered today, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Navy, through reliance on God, is able to give a firm response to any threat in the sea and on the coast."

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