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Interview: US looking for another war?

Source: Voice of Russia

Interview with Giulietto Chiesa, Italian journalist and politician.

You've told me that they are looking for another war. So, is it something we are witnessing now?

I believe that nothing at the moment has been decided, but there are different scenarios going on. One of these scenarios is Lebanon, the other scenario is Syria and the third scenario is Iran. All the three are different but they are going on all together in parallel. We are witnessing now the development of one of these - Iran. This has been an option which has been opened before a long time - already three or four years - very actively and I believe that those who are organizing this kind of developments are refreshing them sometimes to maintain the attention of the mainstream media around them, so the public will not lose attention in that direction - that is a simple move in a big chessboard where the United States and Israel are working continuously.

But doesn't it remind us of something like Iraqi dossier? I mean the whole case is so naive.

To a certain extent you are right, but we have to assess the size of the situation. What the political analysts may understand as naive is not exactly the perception if the larger public. There is no ability for a simple reader of watcher of the TV to analyze the reality of this kind of scenarios; the simple people in the street have no information about that. For that reason I believe that we have to not underestimate the intelligence of that kind of organizations. They know that they can now pass through the ingenuity, the naivety of the people of the street; they can do that because the larger majority of readers and watchers are not able to distinguish the naivety of this kind of operations from the seriousness of the situation.

But they are not dealing with the naive international community; the international community is not that naive as the American public.

Yes, you're right, but at the same time the international community, diplomatic offices, governments, and so on, will not react in any case because they are all connected with the interest of the United States of America and nobody of them will try to put under question this kind of problems they are witnessing. Some of them are able to understand what is going on, the most part is also those who understand, those who want to have a compromise with some critics or some skeptical analyses and the same thing is going on with the journalists. Who in one of the big centers of information - CNN, BBC, big newspapers, big channels - will risk opening a question? They are not in condition to risk, they do not want to risk, they prefer to give the official information which is given by the center of disinformation working in Washington and all around. That means there is some kind of counterforce working 24 hours a day, continuously, in the influencing all the mainstream media and all the international community thinking.

But finally getting back to good reason, wouldn't the standoff with Iran actually devastate the US?

Iran is a big question. My theory is that the American empire is declining very fast and the question is that there are two or three places in the world where the influence of the United States is already nullified. Iran is one of these places where they cannot act, where they cannot influence; they are certainly trying, but this is a very bad example for the rest of the world. If the empire cannot dominate the place everywhere, you can imagine what is the effect all around and this is the problem - to eliminate bad examples - like Mr. Gaddafi, like Libya. If you have to underline that you are decisive, you have to eliminate the enemy, not simply to diminish his influence. And Iran is one of the places where the influence of the United States is zero and they can take decisions without any compromise with the empire - this is a very bad example, you have to eliminate this. This is one of the reasons why Lebanon, Syria and Iran - all the three are in a very delicate point of the world for the influence of the empire and all the three in different ways are defining the powerful omnipotence of the empire and this is a terrible example for the United States.

But in their standoff with Iran, they would have also to confront China which sees Iran as one of the key partners supplying it with oil.

Yes, but at the same time there is the energy question, the energy problems and I have the idea that one of the reasons because Iran is more important than, for instance, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, is that Iran is going on with an agreement with China - and this is one of the points where the containment of China will go on. I, for instance, understand the war in Libya like one of the ways to contain China in Africa and I believe that Iran is the other way to contain China from the energetic point of view. Certainly, also Russia is an open question. Now the big powers in the United States are looking for containing China in all directions, but it seems to me that they are not in condition to succeed now.

But as far as I understand, Russia is developing energy dialog with China.

Yes, I believe that the nomination of Mr. Putin as a new president of Russia will be from this point of view not very pleasant information for Washington; I believe that they are thinking of another solution. Now they will face a very difficult development because Putin seems to choose a very big Asiatic aims and he is not watching preferably to Europe and to the West. It is difficult to assess at this moment, but coming back to Iran, Iran is a real undoubtful independent player and this is the point.

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