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Where is Iranian Activist Kouhyar Goudarzi?


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Protest gatherings have been held in several cities across the globe to bring attention to the case of Iranian activist Kouhyar Goudarzi who has been held incommunicado in Tehran’s Evin prison since his detention by intelligence forces on 31 July 2011.

Security forces detained Goudarzi, along with several of his friends, including Behnam Ganji, 22, 31 July 2011. Another friend, Nahal Sahabi, 28, was subsequently interrogated by authorities. Ganji was subsequently released on bail while Goudarzi has remained in detention without any charges. Parvin Mokhtare, Goudarzi’s mother, was simultaneously arrested in her home in Kerman and has since been put on trial on charges including “actions against national security by interviewing with foreign media.”

Following their release, Ganji and Sahabi committed suicide on 1 September and 28 September, respectively.

“There is an urgent need to investigate what happened to Behnam Ganji and Nahal Sahabi inside prison and during their interrogations that led to their tragic suicides, and what is happening to Kouhyar Goudarzi right now,” according to Hadi Ghaemi, spokesperson of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

New York, USA


Vienna, Austria

Budapest, Hungary

London, UK

Los Angeles, USA

Oslo, Norway

Rome, Italy

Authorities have maintained absolute silence since Goudarzi’s arrest. The Campaign is seriously concerned that these suicides are the result of unbearable psychological abuse suffered by Ganji and Sahabi during and after their detention and interrogation. Prior to Ganji’s suicide, he had been summoned to the Intelligence Ministry. A friend of Ganji’s told the Campaign that he was terrified to go back to prison again.

Over the past two months, authorities have denied Goudarzi’s lawyer’s requests to meet with him. They have provided no information as to why he was arrested and cannot exercise his basic rights and, more importantly, why his mother was simultaneously detained in Kerman.

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