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By Sousan M Alemansour, Attorney at Law

Lacking atonement for the lives lost in the decade long wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, Messers Rumsfeld and Cheney’s fusty belief in their relevance to the upcoming election of 2012 is imperious. The extent to which they remain relevant however, is the human energy and expenditure of precious resources to relieve the United States of the liabilities endorsed by the men.

What also remains relevant is the country’s ability in coaxial existence with her neighbors, vital to the survival of this country and, what is relevant not only to the presidential election but to the dignity of the country as a whole is its relation with its own inhabitants.

As the nation inches closer to the election of 2012, what remains highly relevant is the ability of the candidate for the office of the presidency to demonstrate to America experience in matters of Security, Foreign Affairs, Jobs, National Education, Social Policies, Immigration Needs and Environmental Protection.

And so, with the hope that the United States remains a vital player on the international platform, the country watches, albeit begrudgingly, GOP’s seemingly heterogeneous pool of candidates vying for the highest office of the land. Ironically, while this GOP led congress continues to wallow in political invective of a sitting president, it welcomes its own candidates on the platform of debate.

Be it known that it is the right of America to demand of these GOP candidates to introduce agenda in advancing the health of the economy, creating and maintaining jobs and in bringing to justice those who have harmed. These candidates must submit to the Country plan for protection of the health of citizens through advancement of science and protection of the environment. These candidates must be able to fulfill the desires of the young and meet the needs of the old.

Be it known that it is the responsibility of this GOP led congress, in satisfaction of their national duties, to demand from their candidates, as a pre condition to candidacy, an expression of experience and platform to protect and harmonize the diverse inhabitants of this country.

Be it known this GOP has failed to so demand.

It is the responsibility and duty of this GOP led legislators to demand of these candidates demonstrated respect for the office of the sitting president. It is the responsibility of this GOP led legislator to hold its members to the highest standard of care and national loyalty. It is the duty of this GOP led legislator to cross the isle and seek about the wellbeing of its neighbor.

Survival of these candidates must depend on this. The future of America depends on it.

The role of the Country is to remain loyal, to hold accountable those entrusted with their sacred duties, to foster willingness to achieve, to satisfy the need for hard work and to maintain the patience of Job.

While the GOP candidates seek the job of the presidency, the country remains alert as to the limited qualifications each brings forth. A view of the background of the current candidates is however, an attestation to its highly educated pool reflecting, in fact, the educational opportunities America has provided these candidates. The pool consists of the seventy six year old Ron Paul, M.D, evangelical Michelle Bachman, LLM, old Gingrich’s academia and Caine’s nineteen seventies master of computer science, is complimented by Romney’s abundance of degrees, enormous wealth and many off springs. Hail, candidate John Hunstman is educated and speaks Chinese!

The Country demands and this GOP led congress must require of each candidate, a comprehensive plan for furthering educational opportunities for the youth poised to lead the future America.

Be it known this GOP led congress has failed to demand so of its candidates.

Clearly, because of its cultural diversity, America is strong. Because of its diversity, America mandates separation of church and state and because of its diversity America’s laws protect equally.

And so, perhaps the most vital to the survival of America is its leader’s experience in managing diversity. The truth is that only those candidates with diverse background are qualified to apply for the office of the presidency.

It is the duty of this GOP led congress to demand of its candidates, as a condition to candidacy, a clear and concise expression of readiness to represent one America.

This GOP’s failure to so demand of its candidates the standard of action demanded of this sitting president is prelude to GOP’s failing policies, mortgaged economy, irresponsible citizenry and eventual irrelevancy of our existence to our neighbors.

The goal is to employ a president who is wise and erudite with a keen sense of discernment, honest and hardworking and able to represent the multitude of views beheld by the country.

And so, history will declare relevant or not Messers Boehner and McConnell in their capacities, action and words and in their failure to harmonize the members of their group with the demands of this sitting president.

Be it known that an insular candidate is dangerous for America. Be it known that a banal candidate is uninspiring to the youth. Be it known that bellicosity of words is evidence of a hardened heart. Be wary of a candidate whose promise of allure and conjuring lures the young and the inexperienced. Be it known that the art of propitiation, the desire to be sagacious, and the wisdom to avoid confrontation are the makers of a balanced president.

Be it known, that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Come on, Rise up.

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