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Alternative Healing: Self-Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

“There are no incurable diseases, but incurable people.”
Dr. Bernie Siegel, Love, Medicine, Miracle (1986) and Peace, Love, Healing (1990)


I have spent many years of my life working with Multiple Sclerosis in various ways. As explained fully in the previous article: Meeting of Western & Eastern medicine, a probable alternative therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, this life-long research has shown that people suffering from MS have a leak in their vital energy system. In this article I am disclosing how one can seal and stop this leak. But before that, you first of all need to break through the solid belief instilled by prevalent western medical knowledge that MS is still ‘incurable.’

To help you in that, I have included the I-Health charts of a group of patients (see the above article for further information about preliminary studies as well as I-Health System) which will show you the treated patients’ unquestionable improvement, in the same way as various medical pictographs (such as EEG, ECG, MRI, X-ray) can reveal other details. Unfortunately, the old floppy discs on which I had saved the result of MRIs of the first group of patients before and after this therapy, showing the disappearance of many of their original lesions are not retrievable to add more visual proof to these charts to help you to break your present despairing belief of incurability of MS. They show the opposite of another prevalent belief that these lesions are irreversible. So they are also an evidence of the infallible truth that human body, if not hindered by baseless beliefs, has a phenomenal potential to heal itself.


The next step for you is to discover the probable psychological attitudes bringing about the predisposition to MS.

Based on the old Chinese proverb: Tell me what you eat, and I tell you who you are, after a few years of deep clinical observation and experience, another version of this proverb was formed in my mind: Tell me what is your physical illness, and I tell you who you are. I tried it and it always worked. In other words, there is a direct correlation between our personalities and the kind of diseases we are prone to. Evidences of this correlation or the fact that all diseases are indeed psychosomatic, can now be amply found in the “hot subject of the day,” Mind-Body mutual interaction, holistic medicine, Psycho-neuro-immunology.

MS Personality, the seed:

As you all know MS is an autoimmune disease. What actually happens in the body is that by some unknown mechanism, parts of one’s central nervous system (the myelin sheath or insulator of the nerves to be more exact) is taken as some external threatening pathological factor and is thus attacked by one’s defence-immune system. Putting it in ordinary language, it is like declaring war on oneself.


What does actually happen in life to prepare the proper psychosomatic (mind-body) bed for reaching such a stage to become the “victim” of a disease like MS, or any other serious illness?

To find the possible answers to this question, not only I treated a large group of patients as a research-oriented acupuncture practitioner, befriending and getting intimate with as many as possible, to be able to enter their living environment, socialize with their immediate family, etc, but held monthly seminars at my home for them, inviting various professional friends working in other fields of medical treatments, from veteran physiotherapists, to psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists to recovered MS patients. Unfortunately, our request to establish the first MS society in Iran (1987-8) at that time was denied and I was told to immediately stop those monthly seminars by the corresponding authorities! (Not believing that all this was done in the service of humanity for free, they speculated that ‘there should be a bowl under the half-bowl’ as a Persian proverb goes.)

To fill up the void, I published a book titled, Disease: A Message of Life (1990), containing the basic materials published by the international federation of MS societies of the time, from diet, to special physical exercises prescribed for different stages of MS, in addition to a few constructive articles written by patients, as well as an article of how meditation and yoga can help and how patients can organize self-help groups (advised by MS federation) and finally my own article explaining the title of the book.

This first phase of my intensive research on MS revealed the following about MS Personality.

The first observation was that nearly all MS sufferers are born to a stern, severe, serious (if not autocratic) father, later replaced by a husband, or a mother, later a wife of the same type.

Actually, we can say that this is no rare pattern. Parents tend to be authoritarian all the time and everywhere, expecting their children to obey. The normal pattern however is that when there is a difference of opinion, view, outlook, an open conflict or fight breaks out with the result of one side giving in or both sides modifying their views to some extent with the outcome of reconciliation until the next dispute. In case of MS personality, what happens is that such personalities -consciously and unconsciously - sternly and firmly keep their own opinions inside, even though they pretend and make others believe that they have given in to others’ reasoning and logic. This peculiar inflexibility reflects in spastic rigid muscles. Another nuance of this personality comprising a much smaller group is showing the other side of the same coin; that is, a peculiar kind of exaggerated flexibility, changing one’s opinions in a flash of a second, agreeing with whomever one happens to talk, no matter how contradictory the opinions may be. This attitude is reflected in flaccid muscles. Lack of equilibrium here is also normally higher than the first group (like a tree shaking with every passing breeze, while the other hardly shaking even with raging tempests).

Possible Biological Consequences of Suppressed Emotions

When conflicts are not talked out, they are turned inward and internalized. Any dispute, conflict or fight is naturally always accompanied with dominant emotions of anger, hatred, revengefulness and guilt feeling which when kept inside, they begin to build up in silence. This is the scene at home and there is no doubt that they are strengthened by other negative emotions produced in other areas of life, from school to work, depending on the age.

And what are emotions?

Like everything in our bodies, they are some kind of matter, some chemical substances, as coarse as molecules or as fine as thoughts?

And as this ‘matter’ is constantly being built up, on reaching a certain ‘mass,’ it will naturally be identified as a foreign entity by our defence- immune system, which thereby is immediately mobilized to destroy this foreign entity or chemicals, as when some microbes enter the body, or a blood clot is formed in a vessel. Do you see what happens?

Built up unexpressed Emotions = Some Mass = identified as a Foreign Body by the Immune System = emergency call = bombardment of the ‘foreign body’ which are biological particles or molecules

What is released chemically at the end of this attack of our immune system upon this ‘foreign body’ again is certain other chemical substances and particles, with various properties; some might show a great affinity to some cells of the body and on finding the chance to combine with them, before being extracted as any other harmful by-product or waste, they can make these cells cancerous. Others may show great liking to, for example some molecules of the soft insulator of our nerves called myelin sheath and hook themselves to them when passing by them on the way of their expulsion. This new combination of those chemicals and the myelin sheath is again rightly identified as a ‘foreign formation’ by the immune system and thus attacked again. Then depending on to what nerves these damaged myelin sheaths belong, the corresponding signs of the disease called Multiple Sclerosis are manifested.

The symptoms may include, a strange fatigue (virtually the only shared common symptom), a short period of diplopia (double vision), and/or the feeling of pins and needles in one or both lower or higher extremities, for a day and then forgotten for the rest of life. Or they may continue with additional symptoms ... until a neurologist diagnoses the dis-eases as MS.

From what it is said above, no matter what the other causative factors maybe, this is where you can play a vital role in your self-treatment, to become aware of such personality, and the price you are paying for it which can give you the impetus to begin to work on it and discharge that ‘foreign mass’ of negative emotions.

Mental Work

1) Get a white piece of paper, draw a line in the middle and on one side write all the negative effects of MS on your life, such as dependency, losing opportunities, this and that and on the other side write the lessons you have learnt as the result (the realization of the fact that nothing is more important and serious in life than our health and well-being), the qualities you have developed (patience, as another for example), anything that you have discovered and learnt which you couldn’t and wouldn’t if you did not catch MS. Give yourself a week or so to complete it. In other words, keep going back to it and see if you can add more to each column. The more comprehensive your list, the more results you would see. The negative side, the pains and sufferings are better known than the lessons learnt or qualities developed.

2) Make a list of the people who have offended you in life and you feel resentment if not hatred toward them. Then write a letter to them and pour out in anyways you like, even curse and swear if you like, shout and cry as much as possible through the words you bring on paper and once finished, tear up the letter with anger into pieces or burn it, with the hearty wish to be freed of it.

3) Write down all your guilt feelings and see how you can forgive yourself for them. Again take your time. Have the list complete within a week, but the ways of forgiving make take much longer. It is said, we are our worst judge and persecutor. Yet, if you wish to find a way with all your being, you can be sure that you will achieve it.

4) What are the qualities or attributes of your ideal personality, your hero? After completing the list, see which one of these attributes have already been developed in you as the result of MS. Is patience one of the attributes? What about having a good understanding of others, sympathy...?

5) What are the possible gains of MS? Maybe the autocratic controlling father-mother-husband-wife is now less manipulative and violent? Maybe now you feel more confident that your spouse will not leave you? Maybe you are not expected to do what you never liked to do, but silently kept doing? Maybe you are given more space and freedom now? Maybe....???

What would be the expected result of all this work?

Awareness is the first step in any healing. By the above mental work, that mass of negative emotions begins to dissolve and eventually reach the size that the immune system can get rid of the molecules of the above negative emotions, before they find the chance to accumulate to form a ‘mass’ and then be attacked by the immune system and produce chemicals which in turn can combine with other molecules of the body and make them pathological. In other words, after the first attack of the disease, which is naturally accompanied by a lot of attention, concern and love coming from the surrounding dear ones, the original emotional mass is dissolved in two ways. 1) physically (bodily), by the immune system breaking it down, 2) mentally, as pain and suffering is on one hand -conscious and unconscious self-punishment, making up for one’s guilt feelings, and on the other hand - it is an unconscious form of retribution, making up for all that built up anger, hatred, revenge and thus discharging them at least for the time being (one of the worst things for parents and spouses is to see their children or spouse critically sick).

With discharge of the emotional mass in the above two ways no more substance (s) with affinity or dislike to myelin sheath will be produced by the normal functioning of the immune system. Gradually, the primarily damaged myelin sheaths can regenerate as well and you will recover. This is when what is called spontaneous remission occurs which by changing one’s basic attitude it can become permanent. This is what is in one’s power. On the other hand, with the help of this therapeutic device, as the leakage in the energy system is stopped, the typical MS fatigue disappears and together with it the accompanying depression and despair which is now proved to have pathologically harmful effects on our immune system. Now with this new energy and hope one can play a more active role in one’s further self-healing.

As Nietzsche says: What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Self-treatment Device

Buy an alkaline watch (see figure 1) around 1 cm in diameter. Then from an ordinary electricity wire, cut a piece of about 6cm in length. You can burn one end to bare the filaments and then pull them out. Then twist them firmly around each other. With a small piece of tape stick it from the middle on the positive side of the battery (figure 2), so that the filaments stretch out equally from both ends. Find the top of your head, called crown chakra, or acupuncture point Du 20, by putting your thumbs on the highest point of your ear auricles, and hold your head in your palms. The point where your middle fingers touch each other on the skull right along the tip of your nose will be the point you need to put the battery on. Push aside the hair from this area as much as possible and then put the negative side of the battery over it. The wire filaments will be outside. With a good bandage tape stick the battery on the skin of the skull. The tape should be large enough to cover the whole device, the battery and wires, (figure 3). Make sure that the free ends of the filaments are in contact with the skin of your skull.

In this way you are making an artificial electromagnetic field with your body completing the circuit, bridging over the main leakage point.

Figure 1. Watch battery, around 1cm in diameter

Figure 2, battery with the filaments taped on it

Figure 3, The device covered completely with bandage tape.

I left one end of the filaments out to make the photo more meaningful. You should use a longer tape to make sure that it has good firm contact with the skin of the skull

It is necessary to wash your hair before applying this device as you are to keep the battery on the point for a whole week without removing it. So, in the mornings when you wake up and every now and then and when necessary run your fingers over the tape covering the device, to make sure that the contact is intact. Don’t wash your hair or get it wet for a week. Wear a plastic cap when taking your daily shower. At the end of the week, remove the device and wash your hair. Once your hair is dry, remove the old tapes from the battery and if filaments look rusty or whatever, replace them too and proceed as explained above. Apply the device for 4 consecutive weeks. The battery will last for quite a few weeks and you don’t need to get a new battery. In this way you will wear the device for at least 5 whole weeks. Experience shows that the leak is sealed after this period. The first symptom disappearing is the fatigue, then urinary symptoms and...

Depending on severity of your conditions, you can use the device for two months. Then stop using it for a month and apply it again if your fatigue re-appears. In the same way that we take an analgesic when we have headache for example, you can use this device whenever you feel something is again not working properly inside. Fatigue is the best criterion as it is common in all and if you prevent that you can stop any possible attack or slow deterioration.


Out of the about 200 people who have used this device, two bald men showed sensitivity to the battery and had to remove it. In the case of sensitivity of skin, we have to wait until this now ‘undeveloped device’ is improved in the hands of medical engineers. Compare the first pace-makers to the present ones!!! I was hoping the I-Health company to invest on it, but they had no extra fund for it, considering the fact that it is a new system and thus not well-known yet.

Other than that there was no other side-effect. After all, it is only a watch battery.


1) In acupuncture it is said, ‘disease leaves the body in the reverse way that it entered it first.’

You might feel a sharp endurable pain for a short period of times (longest would be 20 minutes) every now and then during the treatment. The reason is that like a river blocked by some stones, once your energy resumes its circulation in a more intensified way, it builds up behind the blockage like water accumulating behind the stone. That is when the pain appears, then comes a moment when the accumulated energy is strong enough to push forward and thus remove the blockage, and the pain will stop. So in case of experiencing these short lived sometimes quite sharp pains which you had not before, do not get alarmed or worried. Quite contrary, this is a good sign that your body is responding well to the treatment.

2) You might experience some state that might appear to be like an attack. Be patient, as this will not last for more than 3 days and it is a very good sign showing that the disease is leaving your body. Several patients actually did experience this and at first took it for a real attack and it seemed they have lost all the improvement they had gained as the result of using the therapeutic device. But after 3 days when the condition subsided, they were back to where they were, regaining one again their initial improvements (see the case of FF below). Their cases proved the above acupuncture therapeutic warning that disease will leave the body in the reverse order.

3) More than 200 people have already tried this device and my daughter is continuing this therapy with the same promising results on new patients. So far there has been not a single case of a real attack happening during the treatment period, even though several experienced the state mimicking attacks as mentioned above. Unfortunately, but understandably even a simple flue can inspire fear in patients, particularly when under an alternative treatment. This is to emphasize that in the same way that wearing a watch with a battery in it, has never generated an attack in you, this device can not be the cause of an attack or any harmful side-effects either.

I-Health System

I highly recommend finding out if you have any I-Health system practitioner in your neighbourhood to enhance the effects of your self-treatment device. Although as explained in more details in the aforementioned article above, for the first group of patients, I applied only this device with no other additional treatment, and still obtained the same promising results. Nevertheless, regarding the increasing complexity of our mental constitution, I-Health system can not only help you to see your improvements visually too, but it can fortify and solidify the effects as it has several other advantages.

I-Health ‘quick scan’ program gives another set of unique information about other probable pathogenic factors - such as accumulation of chemical toxins (bacterial, parasitic or viral), excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves due to one’s profession, place of residence and work, nutritional imbalances and allergies, psychological neural, and immunological factors, etc. In fact, its library of possible additional pathological causes is incredibly rich and thus immensely helpful.

I-Health Core Belief program which reveals childhood traumatic experiences can be seen as a real breakthrough in the field of psychiatry. Imagine finding your determining childhood traumas, the origin of one’s major negative attitudes towards one’s self, one’s life, one’s reality in a single session and replace it with positive ones! Sounds unbelievable as I thought when I first learnt about it. But once I tried it on myself, close relatives and friends and later on MS patients in their last treatment session when I knew much more about their psycho-somatic history, it helped to solve so many puzzles in regard to all of us.

There will soon be an article on I-Health web-site covering the MS treatment protocol I am suggesting for I-Health practitioners who are interested to work on MS. So if you manage to find such a practitioner in your area, ask them to look at this article.


You don’t need to wait though. You can begin your self-treatment as soon as you get the battery and prepare the device. Begin the mental work immediately. We need to approach body- mind simultaneously. Diseases fall on us when our body-mind equilibrium and harmony break down. All diseases have a multi-factorial cause and must be treated multifactorially. This is the true meaning of holistic view.

Do not stop your medication, but begin to cut it down under the advice of your physician as you experience your improvements.

Remissions point to a healthy immune system. Thus long term use of any drugs suppressing immune system merely for the fear of possible future attacks, while we know that there can be no attacks in the future, is what the above mentioned Persian Proverb suggest: Falling into the caldron out of the fear of not getting a share of the food.

If any attack does happen, then the traditional corticosteroids therapy is at present still the best choice because by now we at least know much more about this effective medicine than all these new colorful drugs with their quite unknown long term effects on the majority which unfortunately can take away the chance of remission from patients too.

Now to break your belief in the false belief of incurability of MS, and the resulting depression and despair, glance through the following case histories with their I-Health Charts.

A sample of I-health Charts showing patients improvements

Below you find a sample of results (seven out of at least initial forty patients treated) obtained using the therapeutic device in conjunction with I-Health system.

As mentioned above the innovated device creates an artificial electromagnetic field which helps to seal the leakage in the energy system of the body. Five weeks are usually sufficient for that.

To make the article as short as possible, I don’t find it necessary to explain what these I-Health charts are and how they are produced. What you need to know is that each bar shows the quality of vital energy (qi) in acupuncture channels, each connected to a corresponding inner organ. The bars should be between the two upper black zigzag horizontal lines which when they do, they appear as green bars. Blue bars (not reaching the lower horizontal line) mean, deficiency, impaired or organic disorder while Red bars (over-passing the upper horizontal curve) indicate excessive energy, hyperactivity, or inflammation.

Before moving to actual presentation of the results, it is necessary to mention an important point taking the charts of the patient called FF as an example (see below). As it can be seen, his charts do not show any major improvement in the first few weeks, despite the recovery he was showing in relation to his speech, tremors, urinary urgency, etc. This kind of charts is seen mostly in patients who are under immunosuppressive treatment or used it for years. The approach brings a Persian proverb to mind: Fearing not to get any share of the food, he/she fell in the cauldron. In other words, in an attempt to prevent possible future attacks which may never happen, the therapy can deprive patients of the spontaneous natural remission seen in MS patients.

Last Comment

MS patients have proved to be the least cooperative patients in my experience in their self healing. It can be due to their despair in assuming that their disease is incurable. As mentioned before, the only area which this treatment has failed is in regard to locomotion system, where patients’ cooperation in spending a greater time on physical exercises is absolutely and unquestionably imperative. How else can a weak muscle improve other than making it work? This is a question that I have constantly asked myself since the day I began this research some twenty five years ago and confronted patients’ adamant non-cooperation in this regard. In the second group of patients that I tried this treatment, I asked a physiotherapist friend to carry out the relevant physical therapy musculo-skeletal assessment on the patients which showed improvement in nearly all of them, and this could be observed by us as therapists and even their close relatives, while the subjective feeling of patients was that they do not feel any better in this regard! A puzzle that I have not been able to solve to this day. How come the test shows an improvement, we see them walking better for example, while patients themselves cannot experience it?

In any case, I strongly suggest to begin physical therapy after a week of using this treatment. The more you feel your improvements, the more encouraged you will be.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Iraj Rouindej who initiated me into the world of Acupuncture and his constant support and encouragement, and to Ms. Narges Mazandarani who could see auras and approved my findings with the first group of patients about the presence of the leak in the energy system (aura) of patients and the effectiveness of the device in sealing it.

See the full report including the case studies

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