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"ILAM": A Beautiful Iranian Province With Amazing Nature


By Pooneh Shahmir  

ILAM is a province in west of IRAN. A beautiful green province in spring with playful lambs and kids.

In this trip we went to ILAM through QOM, ARAK, BOROJERD and KHORAM ABAD. KHORAM ABAD is central city of LORESTAN province and a big castle is there, It is named FALAK-OL-AFLAK. There is an anthropology museum in castle, where old dresses, handicraft and other cultural items of people in LORESTAN are on display.



Weaving Mashteh at FALAK-OL-AFLAK

An old dress for women at FALAK-OL-AFLAK

An old outfit for men at FALAK-OL-AFLAK

An old Samovar at An old dress for women at FALAK-OL-AFLAK

Another castle to visit is the historic VALI castle in the city of ILAM.

VALI castle in the city of ILAM

You can test BEJI-BORSAGH a traditional cookie and DANDE KABAB (same as SHISHLIK) a delicious barbecued meat in ILAM.

BEJI-BORSAGH traditional cookie

In some villages such as KOLM people has started fish cherish and you can see many Trout (GHEZEL-ALA) pools.

Fish pool in Kolm village

In this province you can see straits such as BAHRAM CHOOBIN strait, Fennel strait, SHEMSHEH strait, ... ; Old bridges such as GAVMISHAN.


ILAM is border with IRAQ and MEHRAN is a most important border town in this province. You can go to the holly city of KARBALA in IRAQ in about 3 hours.


On the way back, we came through KERMANSHAH and HAMEDAN. Between this cities you can visit the BISTOON that includes: Farhad Tarash in base of the Mount, Hercules Statues, Dariush I the great's inscription, ...

Hercules Statues

There are many many wonderful and beautiful thing in ILAM and in west of IRAN but nature in spring is really amazing and marvellous.

Fennel Strait

Old Gavmishan bridge

A Persian rug weaver

Sorna traditional music

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