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Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation: 2011 Report

Source: Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation (PKCF)

We take great pleasure in updating PKCF supporters on the projects funded in 2011 and providing a brief report on our ongoing activities. Without your generous support none of this would have been possible.


Malaek Centre for Disabled Girls - Tehran

Since 1998, PKCF has supported this centre for disabled girls. We constructed the school, and have carried out the refurbishment of dormitories, supplied computers, teaching aids, purchased physiotherapy equipment and a minibus. We are providing ongoing support for the welfare and education of the residents, many of whom have been afforded higher education, giving them the opportunity for employment at the centre and elsewhere. We are also proud to have been able to assist with the finances of relocating a few of the girls to accommodation of their own.

Ashyaneh Ali Orphanage - Kerman

For the last 7 years PKCF has supported this exemplary orphanage by donating annually towards the upkeep and education of 32 girls and boys who live in three different homes provided to them by local philanthropists. As the children are growing, their needs are also growing and changing. Construction of a building with a capacity to house 50 children has begun. This project is being funded by various individuals and PKCF has pledged to participate with the cost of the construction and furnishing.

Bachehaye Ma Centre for Street Children -Kerman

In addition to its main orphanage, Bachehaye Ma Charity manage a Centre for Street Children housing children and youth taken off the streets. Some of these children are addicts, disabled or are homeless. In addition to receiving medical help, they also receive educational and vocational training in the job placement program, both for the children and their parents as the wider program is to empower the families to take back their children. In the past 10 months through this program, 72 children have been helped. PKCF representatives visit the Centre regularly and are proud to give financial support to this centre.

PKCF Vocational School - Tehran

Eight years since inauguration, and with two PKCF representatives on the Board of Trustees of the School, we are proud to inform you that 670 girls have graduated and entered universities and or the job market. 320 girls are enrolled in the 2011/12 academic year. A full capacity of 400 is expected next year taking a two year course in Physical Education, Accountancy, Computer Science and Industrial Design in addition to the standard school curriculum. The gymnasium is rented out to other schools outside of normal hours, thus benefitting many students from the neighborhood and earning much needed funds for the school. PKCF continues to support maintenance, repairs and supply of teaching aid when needed.

Hakim Farabi Vocational School - Bam

One of the few vocational schools in Bam for girls, is providing Physical Education, Accountancy, Graphic Design, Computer Science & Home Economics courses to girls from Bam and the immediate vicinity. PKCF representatives visit the school regularly to study their needs and provide necessary assistance on an ongoing basis.

Jaffar Abad School - Ghazvin

As a result of increased enrolment of elementary students in 2011/12, it became necessary to move the middle school students to another building in the village. PKCF assisted by funding the refurbishment of the school, construction of latrines and supply of gas heaters as well as schoolroom furnishings. We are very pleased with the progress in both the elementary and middle school and are planning to continue with our support for maintenance, repairs, supply of teaching aid, sports material and clothing.

Society for the Protection of Street & Working Children -Karaj

It is the children who have mostly become the victims of war migrations. Such children have been experiencing different forms of dangers by working and spending most of their time on the streets. SPSWC is an association established to prevent more children of this kind from reach-ing the streets by providing them with schooling, nourishment, clothing and vocational training. PKCF are proud to have funded the purchase of one of the buildings used for the school and the land on which a small educational centre is under construction.

Ali Asghar Children’s Hospital -Tehran

It is heart warming to see how many children are benefitting from the Haema-tology Ward and Operating rooms funded by PKCF as well as the lift and air purification system. In January 2012 volunteer doctors from Zanjireh Omid Iran and Chain of Hope France utilized two of the operating rooms to per-form difficult orthopaedic surgeries on needy children. The Iranian and French team were very pleased with the operating rooms and the services provided and have asked to use the facilities again during future missions to Iran. PKCF paid for the post-operative expenses of 6 children. Funds pledged to Ali Asghar for refurbishment of the ER will be honoured once the plans are finalised and the project commences.

Street & Working Children - Koodakan Koosha -Tehran

Some of the children at this Day Centre are refugees, while others are local children from deprived backgrounds. Many of the mothers are illite-rate who are enrolled in literacy courses and vocational education at the centre. UNICEF assists with the salaries of the staff. In the past PKCF provided equipment for their vocational training. We are funding refur-bishment of a building and supplying the equipment needed for an indus-trial kitchen for the parents to produce food to sell in the market, enabling them to earn for themselves as well as benefiting the centre.

Noor Ehsan, Tehran

Noor Ehsan is a nonprofit volunteer organization based in Tehran. It was established in 2000 to provide sustained and appropriate support to families whose fathers, if living, are either disabled, or addicted, or in prison, and whose mothers are unskilled to work and to provide a living for their children. Currently they have 152 families under their care, with 530 individuals. PKCF is assisting with financial support for medical needs and education for the children.

Arjan Ala Trust -Tehran

In 2003/04 PKCF funded the purchase of medical equipment for the di-agnosis and treatment of haemophilia and has since, annually funded the purchase of drugs and laboratory diagnostic reagents for the Compre-hensive Haemophilia Care Centre in Tehran.

Testimonials received from charities funded by PKCF in 2011

Bachehaye Ma Orphanage -Kerman

“Heartfelt thanks to PKCF from everyone at Action for Orphans”
PKCF representatives visit our homes regularly and always have been a great source of inspira-tion and support, both financial and otherwise. PKCF gave us the opportunity to get medical as-sistance through Zanjireh Omid who arranged access to a clinic with a spe-cialist medical team from Iran and France. This enabled us to obtain special-ist help for four of our children and one from a Centre for Street Children in Kerman. PKCF generously paid both for the medical consultations for all five children and for the post operative hospital care for two of them. We are deeply grateful for all your help and hope that PKCF will continue to be committed and active supporters of Action for Orphans, as together we work to transform young lives.

Chance International -Indonesia
We thank PKCF for a grant to Chance International funding the set-up and running cost of an Educational Support Programme in Aceh, Indonesia, to help bring educational support to more rural children. 176 children are currently enrolled in the support program. The children range from 1st year Elementary to 3rd year Junior High School, receive lessons in all subjects taught in their formal schools Chance provides everything including notebooks and pens. The building is provided by the Community. It is impossible to convey the true enthusiasm, joy and laughter shown by the children. Thank you all for your kind and generous support in helping to change the lives of these deserving children.


Africa - Noma
A further grant was given to Facing Africa for the treatment of Noma. Facing Africa Noma are most grateful to PKCF for a grant in 2011. The funds went towards the pur-chase of surgical drill and saw kits for use by our teams of volunteer facial reconstructive surgeons in our work in Ethiopia on the victims of Noma. Our teams visit Africa three times a year to give our patients a chance of a new face and therefore a new life, able to eat, smile and return to their place in society. We are most grateful to PKCF and its supporters.

Women for Women - Rwanda
Women for Women International is deeply grateful to PKCF and its supporters for its generous grant made towards the provision of training spaces for women in Rwanda. These funds are currently being used to construct seven wooden classrooms and four pit latrines in the communities of Kabarondo, Rwinkwavu and Ruramira. These classrooms will make it possible for participants to have a clean, quiet and safe environment in which to learn the skills and knowledge that will enable to travel the road to self-sufficiency. You have our deepest gratitude for making this possible.

Save the Children - East Africa Appeal
3 month old Umi was malnourished, dehy-drated, and suffering from bronchial pneu-monia when she was brought into a Save the Children supported health centre. Three months later, Umi is no longer an iconic image of hunger and drought; she is now a healthy, plump, and smiling six-month-old baby girl. It is thanks to the support of generous donors like PKCF that Save the Children has been able to stage the largest ever emergency response in its’ 90 year history reaching 2.5m people. The PKCF grant has directly helped to save lives as the re-sponse to this crisis continues to provide daily life-saving food, water, healthcare and nutritional support. Thank you.

Snow Flake School for Children with Autism -UK
We are very grateful to PKCF for their continuous support. Snowflake School received a generous donation in 2011 to support a year’s tuition fee for one pupil. PKCF’s support enables assistance by providing educational care and training for building life skills, improving mastered skills, reducing obsessions, phobias and challenging behavior. Snowflake School helps children with moderate to severe autism. The school provides a specialist teaching environment that develops both academic and social skills, thus providing each pupil with the chance for a better future, whilst also improving the quality of their family’s lives.

Omid International -India We are very grateful to PKCF for their continuous support. We received a generous donation in 2011 to set up an educational hostel in Land for Tillers (LAFTI) area of operation in India for 46 Dalit Children (Untouchables). Omid International helps children with their welfare and education, where their parents are unable to provide due to poverty & marginalisation of the Dalit communities.

UNICEF-East Africa Children’s Appeal Thank you! UNICEF is extremely grateful for the support of the Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation, which has enabled us to reach children across the East Africa region with emergency nutrition, health, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), child protection and education. On behalf of all of the children who you have helped UNICEF to reach, thank you.

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity -UK
Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity was delighted to be supported by PKCF in 2011. This generous grant has enabled us to make an immediate and real difference to the lives of children in the UK living with life-limiting, serious and rare conditions by pur-chasing equipment and increasing the number of Specialist Paediatric Nurses. We offer our sincere thanks to the PKCF on behalf of William and the many other children we have been able to help in the past year.

DebRA - UK
Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a group of very rare genetic conditions in which the skin and internal body linings blister at the slightest knock or rub, causing painful, open wounds. PKCF funded DEBRA for a new study and clinical trial of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC). This trial is being carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital, results of which we hope will benefit many children in the future. We are most grateful to PKCF and its supporters.

New Life Nyambene - Kenya
New Life Nyambene have worked with children rescued from the streets to provide them with a home in Maua, now numbering 38, boys and girls, were suffering the sort of destitution and trauma unimaginable. The funding from PKCF enabled us to extend our reach to many other young people still living on the streets With your money, we have been able to purchase the land on which we can establish a vocational training centre where destitute young people will learn the transferable skills they need to move into paid employment and build a life away from the cycle of poverty Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation has helped us to begin something great indeed.

About: The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation was launched in 1998 by the family and friends of the late Popli Khalatbari, who wished to honour her memory by distributing the funds from her estate in a manner befitting of the spirit with which she had led her life.

Over the years, with the generosity and encouragement of friends and strangers, PKCF has grown from a small gesture of goodwill to a giant force of compassion and optimism that has made an impact across the world.

The Foundation is grateful to all those who have played a part in its work and salutes them for keeping Popli's spirit alive.

The Popli Khalatbari Charitable Foundation
Suite N1 - 4th Floor, Charles House
375 Kensington High Street
London W14 8QH, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7471 6788

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