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Iran Khodro's Fars branch to produce 15000 Peugeot Pars


Source: ISNA

Iran's largest carmaker Iran Khodro Company branch in Fars (IKCO production plant in Fars Province, southern Iran) is scheduled to produce 15 thousand Peugeot Pars sedans.

Iran Khodro's Peugeot 207i

The Fars branch CEO Mohammad Javad Habibi said the company produces one car per hour and it is expected to exceed five units this year. The unit has produced 250 Peugeot Pars sedans since the beginning of the mass production.

Roughly 100 employees are working in the company, while the increase of production would create 150 job opportunities in every working position.

The company is IKCO's fifth local production site, the total investment for which rose to almost 60,000,000 dollars.

Production capacity of IKCO in Fars exceeds 30 thousand cars in a year. All types of Peugeot 405 sedans are currently mass produced in the company.

Supporting private sector investors in auto part and component production is also on the company's agenda, while one of the main goals of the company is to export cars to Persian Gulf neighboring countries.

In line with the decentralization policy of the government (pushing the industries out of the capital), IKCO has already started to establish production sites throughout the country.

IKKCO (Iran Khodro Khorassan) was IKCO's first founded out of the capital production site, established in Khorassan province (North East of Iran) in 2004.

IKKCO production capacity is 150,000 cars a year. Following that IKCO established Iran Khodro Tabriz in 2007 and Iran Khodro Mazandaran in 2010. The production capacities of these two sites mount to 100 and 15 thousand cars per annum respectively.

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