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Photos: Lake Barm-e Firouz in Sepidan


Photos by Afshin Ariafar, ISNA

Lake Barm-e Firouz is located about 14km to the north of the town of Sepidan and 75km northwest of Shirza in Iran's Fars province. The lake is in the in the vicinity of 3316 m Barm-e Firouz peak, at 3200 m above sea level with an average depth of 1 to 3 meters. In winter, this lake is completely covered by snow, and even during summer season the lake is surrounded by the grand glaciers.

Shesh Pir to Barm-e Firouz: There are two lakes on top of the northwest peaks near Shiraz. One is Shesh Pir located at 2200m and the other is Barm-e Firouz at 3200m above sea level. A scenic route passes between these two mesmerizing lakes along which you can have a perspective of Ronj peaking at 3600m. In spring the abundance of Crown Imperials and the medicinal herbs multiplies the beauty of this region. This tour is suggested to professional and semi-professional cyclists. (source: Pars Tourist Agency)

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