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OLYMPICS: Iranian Woman Shooter Mahlagha Jambozorg Finishes 14th


Iran's Mahlagha Jambozorg finished 14th in the women's shooting 50m rifle 3 x 20 competition on Saturday. Jamie Gray of the United States won the gold medal and Serbia's Ivana Maksimovic won the silver. Czech Republic's Adela Sykorova won the bronze. Iran's Elaheh Ahmadi finished at 43rd.

Mahlagha Jambozorg

In an interview with ISNA, Jambozorg said she had tried her best but failed to reach the finals: "Today I shot my best bullets. Even during my training I hadn't fired this good. But unfortunately I couldn't make it to the finals." Jambozorg continued: " Every competition brings new experiences with it, and I'll try to get better results in the next Olympics."

Results Table

  1.   Jamie Lynn Gray (U.S.)            691.9 points
  2.   Ivana Maksimovic (Serbia)         687.5
  3.   Adela Sykorova (Czech Republic)   683.0
  4.   Sylwia Bogacka (Poland)           681.9
  5.   Snjezana Pejcic (Croatia)         681.9
  6.   Barbara Engleder (Germany)        680.8
  7.   Daria Vdovina (Russia)            680.8
  8.   Agnieszka Nagay (Poland)          678.2
  9.   Li Peijing (China)                583.0
  10.  Na Yoon-Kyung (South Korea)       583.0
  11.  Stine Nielsen (Denmark)           582.0
  12.  Petra Zublasing (Italy)           581.0
  13.  Du Li (China)                     581.0
  14.  Mahlagha Jambozorg (Iran)         581.0 
  15.  Amanda Furrer (U.S.)              581.0
  16.  Eglys Yahima De La Cruz (Cuba)    581.0
  17.  Jeong Mira (South Korea)          581.0
  18.  Laurence Brize (France)           581.0
  19.  Sonja Pfeilschifter (Germany)     581.0
  20.  Malin Westerheim (Norway)         579.0

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