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Iranian Science Minister to explain reduced female enrollment


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The head of the Education and Research Commission of Iran's Parliament has announced that Iran's Science Minister has been summoned to Parliament to explain the recent restrictions against the acceptance of women in a number of university programs.

Iranian univiersity students (file photo)

Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi told the Khaneh Mellat website on Thursday August 9: "The Science Minister [Kamran Daneshjoo] will be summoned to explain why female students are not being accepted in a number of university programs."

At the Iranian Education Ministry, efforts have been underway in the past year to segregate the genders in universities. The transition has resulted in the reduced acceptance of women in many college programs this year.

Ever since widespread protests were triggered by allegations of fraud in the 2009 presidential election, the Iranian establishment has seen universities as a breeding ground for subversive behaviour.

The overhaul of curricula in various programs and gender segregation have been two main concerns of the Science Ministry as it transforms higher education institutions across the country.

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