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Sanctions causing drug shortages: Iranian official


Source: Radio Zamaneh

The head of Iran's Foundation for Special Diseases has written to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to express concern about shortages in medicine as a result of international sanctions on Iran.

Photo: A recent gathering by a group of thalassemia patients in Shiraz, Fars province protesting drug shortages

Fatemeh Hashemi Rafsanjani has informed Ban Ki-moon that the international sanctions on Iran have caused "a disruption in drug imports."

She reported that as a result of the sanctions, "some medication is in short supply, and some drug factories may be shut down in the next couple of months."

She stressed that "despite the claims of those who are imposing these sanctions, the restrictions have a direct adverse effect on people's health."

Fatemeh Rafsanjani emphasizes in the letter that the sanctions are in direct violation of the "fundamental human rights of ordinary citizens" of Iran.

In recent months, the EU and the United States have imposed widespread sanctions against Iran in an attempt to coerce it into cooperating on nuclear issues.

Iran rejects Western claims that it may be developing nuclear weapons and insists that its nuclear program is peaceful.

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