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Deaths from alcohol soar in Iran


Source: Radio Zamaneh

In the past seven months, 102 people have died in Iran due to alcohol poisoning, Iranian media report.

ISNA reported on Sunday December 23 that recent statistics show 92 men and nine women lost their lives due to alcohol poisoning in the past seven months, which indicates an increase of over 100 percent compared to last year.

The report indicates that the largest proportion of the deaths occurred in Eastern Azerbaijan with 24 men and one woman. Kurdistan, Khorazan Razavi and Kermanshah are the provinces with the next highest numbers of deaths due to alcohol poisoning.

Since the sale of alcoholic drinks is prohibited by Islamic Republic laws, many consumers acquire homemade alcoholic beverages, which are often not safe for consumption.

ISNA reported on December 23 that breathalyzer tests in the past seven months have found 15,034 cases of drinking and driving, with most of the violators in Tehran.

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