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Iran to Send Heavy Satellites into Orbit


Source: Fars News Agency

Iran plans to send heavy satellites into orbit and is setting up a new launch base for this purpose, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said.

Iran's Safir B1 rocket 
Iran's Safir B1 rocket

Vahidi said Thursday that the base will be used to launch one-ton satellites into an orbit of 1,000 kilometers.

He said that among Iran's next year plans was the launch of Tolou (Rise) and Fajr (Dawn) satellites into orbit.

Vahidi also said that Iran is planning to launch satellites into orbits of up to 36,000 kilometers next year.

Last Friday, Iran successfully sent Navid-e Elm-o Sana'at (Promise of Science and Industry) satellite into orbit.

The 50-kilogram orbiter lifted off into space with an orbital angle of 55 degrees on the Iranian-made Safir satellite-carrier.

The Islamic republic, which first put a satellite into orbit in 2009, has outlined an ambitious space program and has, thus far, made giant progress in the field despite western sanctions and pressures against its advancement.

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