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Photos: Enjoying Snow in Yazd


Photos by Ali Golshan, Mehr News Agency

During the winter season, and especially on weekends and holidays, the mountain heights at Sakhvid village in Yazd province of Iran attract many snow lovers from across the province.

The big number of visitors creates problems such as heavy traffic and safety concerns.

Yazd Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the centre of the country, and its administrative center is the city of Yazd. The province has an area of 131,575 kmē, and according to the most recent divisions of the country.

Being located beside the central mountains, far from the sea, adjacent to the kavir and in the shadow rainy region, Yazd has a climate which mostly resembles dry desert climate. Little rain along with high water evaporation, relatively low dampness, heat and great temperature changes are among the factors making this province, one of the driest parts of Iran. The only moderating climatic factor is elevation and hence, notably that of nearby Shirkuh (4000 m).

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